Lisa Hochstein Is Not Suing Joanna Krupa Over Claims Made At RHOM Reunion


The Real Housewives of Miami taped the season 3 reunion last week, and insiders say it was full of drama. Joanna Krupa had a falling out with her former BFF Lisa Hochstein over Lisa’s friendship with Joanna’s rival Adriana de Moura. And according to a report by RealityTea, the drama at the reunion was focused around Joanna and Lisa’s falling out. AllAboutTRH reported that Joanna revealed scandalous information about Lisa’s past, and that Lisa was going to sue Joanna for defamation.

Ana Quincoces, former RHOM cast member and Joanna’s friend, tweeted about the subject last week, “Legal advice of the day: Reality “stars” who threaten w/ defamation suits better make sure they r squeaky clean because discovery is a bitch.”

“I would like to see Lisa’s past, because we always see her and her husband. I would love to see where she comes from, her mom and her brother,” Joanna recently told OK Magazine. Joanna also reveals that her big fight with Lisa (which airs next week) is about Adriana. “I made peace with Adriana, but off camera, Lisa told me that Adriana didn’t want her to give me any details of her wedding so I don’t copy her,” Joanna said.

“The craziness is over. Time to get back to my real life and focus on friends and family I love,” Lisa tweeted after the reunion taping. “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.”

After the report by RealityTea, Lisa Hochstein reached out to the site to reveal she is NOT suing Joanna. RealityTea reported, “Lisa reached out to us to say that she is NOT suing anyone, it’s 100% a rumor!”

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2 Replies to “Lisa Hochstein Is Not Suing Joanna Krupa Over Claims Made At RHOM Reunion”

    1. Lisa is oversensitive and a definate passive aggressive. She likes to push buttons and then say who me? Alexia called it good.

      If you want to get pregnant you don’t purge, drink all the time and do drugs.

      How many times did you call Joanna a whore or to suck your dick or say that you had a hate relationship with her cuz she works. Very juvenile Lisa. If they lose you, I wouldn’t mind

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