Lisa Hochstein Regrets Drinking Too Much In Vegas, Regrets Being In Joanna’s Wedding


Lisa Hochstein is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain her regrets about Joanna’s Bachelorette in Vegas. Lisa says she realizes she had way too much to drink, but says Joanna is the one who picked a fight with her. Lisa says she believes Joanna was throwing jabs her way all season and reveals they are no longer friends.

Lisa writes, “Hi everyone! As I’m sure you may know, this week was a bit rough for me. I think with everything I had going on in my personal life at this time, it all caught up to me in Vegas. To start, I was disappointed that Lenny could not attend Joanna and Romain’s wedding with me. I of course realize he had surgeries already booked and he could not make any changes.

At the time of the trip, I was very excited to go and celebrate with Joanna at the bachelorette party in Vegas with the rest of the girls. I haven’t been on a girls’ trip in ages and looked forward to having fun and letting loose. Unfortunately, I had way too much to drink. Watching the end of this episode had me cringing with embarrassment. I definitely did not realize how much I had to drink and wish I was more self-conscious of my behavior.

Watching the footage on the way back to the hotel, Joanna clearly started the argument with her constant jabs and low blows. Joanna then decided to insult me further by saying I married for money, said I shop 24/7, and called me a stripper. It of course set me off. I then used words I wish I didn’t in the heat of the moment. I realize now after watching the whole season, Joanna has consistently thrown jabs my way. I’m not even sure why she asked me to be in her wedding or why I accepted. For the entire season, I had been nothing but nice to her, never spoke behind her back, and thought we had a friendship of some kind. She was very quick to kick me while I was down on that bus in Vegas and showed her true colors.

Although Joanna and I are not friends any longer, her wedding was absolutely beautiful. I wish both her and Romain and long and happy marriage. Unfortunately, I do not believe I should have been a part of it.

I regret going off on Alexia. She was in her own way trying to calm me down and fix the situation. I did not realize it at the time, but Alexia is a great person. This episode was definitely not my best moment on TV. I want to apologize to my husband, friends, family and fans for the way I acted during Vegas. I am human and we all make mistakes. I love to have fun, but not in that way.

At the rehearsal dinner, I revealed to Lea that Lenny and I had chosen a surrogate. I have decided to take a different approach to the way I look at using a surrogate. I realize I am very blessed to have this as an option. We are blessed to have this type of technology in today’s world that helps create miracles. My wish is that every family can afford to do this and I hope one day IVF treatments become more affordable. Hopefully one day IVF and surrogacy could be available through care programs to the ones who truly want and need it. I will have more of an update for you after the reunion airs about what is going on with our baby situation.”

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3 Replies to “Lisa Hochstein Regrets Drinking Too Much In Vegas, Regrets Being In Joanna’s Wedding”

  1. I’m totally team Lisa, she’s found her inner voice and she’s definitely not afraid to use it. So what if she married for money? I don’t know ONE person who doesn’t want the life she lives. Stripper or not, all these ladies, except Marisol, Anna and Karent (whom obviously no older wealthy man would want) have a past of dating rich older men to get where they are today. If you see it as an issue it’s probably because you can’t do the same.

    1. I don’t know why you felt the need to insult the other women; Marysol, Ana, and Karent are all beautiful, accomplished women who I’m sure have no trouble finding partners.

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