Lisa Hochstein Opens Up About Infertility! She’s Not Giving Up Hope!

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami opened up more of Lisa Hochstein’s desires to start a family with her husband Lenny. It really seems like Lisa is feeling the pressures to start a family. The show has captured some of the couple’s fertility issues, and this week Lisa underwent acupuncture treatments, despite her fear of needles, to try and help their situation. Now, Lisa is revealing to Celebuzz that she isn’t giving up hope!

“Things are definitely looking up,” she told Celebuzz. “We’re seeing a fertility doctor, and we’re hoping that the next time around is going to be it for us.”

The reason Lisa chose to open up about the difficult subject on the show was to help women who suffer from the same problems. “Hopefully people will realize they’re not alone,” Lisa added. “There are a lot of women struggling to have a family.”

“I have a younger brother and family is No. 1 to me,” she said. “In the end, that’s all you have.”

I think Lisa is very brave for opening up about her fertility issues, as she said, so many women can relate to her story. I’m crossing my fingers for her and Lenny! They would make beautiful babies!!

Photo Credit: Bravo


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