Lisa Hochstein Moving Forward With Lawsuit Against Joanna Krupa? Says Joanna Acted Like The Devil At The Reunion


Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa have a rocky relationship, but the former friends have now become enemies and Lisa Hochstein is speaking out about their former friendship. “In between the wedding and the reunion, I was able to see full episodes of the show and read Joanna’s interviews in the press. It became very clear to me she was no friend of mine,” Lisa tells Wetpaint. “You know, it’s funny. In the weeks prior to the reunion, she had started really reaching out to me again,” Lisa recalls. “Looking back, I think she was just trying to play me and disarm me.”

Lisa says she couldn’t believe how mean Joanna was at the reunion. “It actually seemed like she hated my guts! I feel like a moron for believing this person was my friend. Other people had warned me she’s a complete fake and a phony, but I had given her the benefit of the doubt,” Lisa says.

And Lisa says Joanna’s statements that a drinking problems is the cause of Lisa’s fertility issues went way too far. “I felt punched in the face. I was so blindsided, it was like I was having an out of body nightmare,” Lisa says. “And this was coming from someone who had pretended to be my friend!”

“Joanna looked into my eyes at the reunion and I saw the devil. She’s a dangerous person. People who have nothing to lose, they’re dangerous,” she continues. “My husband is absolutely livid. He doesn’t want me to associate myself with that kind of trash, someone who blatantly lies like that. She doesn’t take any responsibility for the things that come out of her mouth.”

Lisa has previously denied rumors she was planning to sue Joanna Krupa, calling them “utterly ridiculous,” but when asked again, she said, “I can’t discuss that right now.” It’s very possible Lisa and her attorneys were waiting to see what Bravo aired of the reunion before they made a final decision about a lawsuit.

Photo Credit: Bravo