Lisa Hochstein, “Joanna & Ana Overreacted To Thomas’ Comments!”

Lisa Hochstein is taking to her Bravo Blog after the infamous dinner from hell on The Real Housewives of Miami to discuss how Thomas Kramer behaved. She says she understands how Thomas is and says that Joanna and Ana overreacted to his comments. However, she says Thomas went to far with Mama Elsa… Read what else Lisa said below!

Lisa write, “Karent graciously invited all the women to Thomas Kramer’s home to host a dinner party. Anyone who knows Thomas understands how big his personality is and understands what to expect. I enjoy his unique sense of humor and find him entertaining. He sometimes comes across as inappropriate but doesn’t mean any harm; that’s just how he is. I felt Joanna and Ana overreacted to Thomas’ comments. I know he was not trying to be malicious. I have been the butt of his jokes in the past, and I simply laugh it off or give it back to him in joking manner.

Joanna and Adriana seemed as though they were making an effort to get over their differences to move on. I guess if you saw them on Watch What Happens Live, you know how that turned out! It seems everything was fine until the episode at my house with their physical fight came out. Perhaps it rehashed memories and emotions. People who saw the fight of course picked sides and that helped fuel the fire. I do hope they can move on because I like them both. I have not taken sides and don’t intend to.

Lea then jumps into a conversation Marysol was having to defend James. And now almost all of us were in a bad mood and arguing. I can’t blame Thomas for getting so angry. I lost it at my lingerie event also when my guests were behaving poorly. The problem is these women pick the most inappropriate place to start this nonsense.

Although I really like Ana, I think she was out of line by insulting the host in his home. I think it would have been better if she had just excused herself instead of escalating it and then being kicked out. If someone insulted me personally in my own home, I would have done the same thing. I however do not condone Thomas’ harsh words to Elsa. He went too far with that, and I know it made me and everyone else uncomfortable.

I did my best to calm everyone down — something I am good at. Thankfully I managed to get Joanna to come back to the dinner. I think she realized Thomas was simply joking earlier. I really wanted everyone who remained to end the night on a good note, so I decided to make an ass out of myself and work the pole to change the mood. I think I succeeded. I don’t think Thomas Kramer had a problem with it, why else would someone install stripper poles on their dining room table?”

Tell Us- Do you agree with what Lisa said?

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