Lisa Hochstein: Her Trouble Getting Pregnant, Plus- Her Big News!

Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal her big news she teased fans with on Twitter, after the Season Finale of The Real Housewives of Miami. Many fans thought Lisa was going to reveal she was pregnant, but that wasn’t her big secret. While she discusses her continuing efforts to try and conceive and carry to term, she also updates us on her housekeeper Daysy, and how she’s doing after her surgery!

Lisa writes, “I told everyone I had some big news to reveal and here it is. Daysy has been taking better care of herself since her surgery. She has grown her cleaning business to where she does not have to clean herself. She had a sort of Cinderella story happen to her. A successful client of hers, whom she used to clean for, became very interested in Daysy, especially after seeing her on the show. I guess my comment to Daysy about every man’s fantasy of having an affair with his housekeeper struck a chord. He pursued her, and currently she has moved into that very home she worked in as his housekeeper with her daughter. She feels more confident and life is simply great for her right now! I am so happy for her and wish her all the best. I still use her services, although with another person, and I am quite satisfied. I advocate growth for everyone one around me and wish nothing more for the people I care about. Daysy and I continue to be friends, and I hope we always remain this way.


The scene between Lenny and I was a very tough scene to watch, because there are two things that have happened since. The first was the cycle that we did right after unfortunately failed, as did a third cycle after that one. We however have sought further professional advice and will be doing another cycle with a few modifications in hopes the recipe will give us the outcome we hope for. I will continue to do acupuncture and be as healthy as possible in the meantime. The second is about our beloved boxer, Puffy. If you have been following me on Twitter and reading my blogs, you will know our little boy in the scene succumbed to a brain tumor and died on November 20th 2012 while being held in our arms. He was like our son, so this was incredibly hard to watch. He seemed so happy, beautiful, and full of life. R.I.P. my sweet boy! He is now on a rainbow bridge waiting for the day we will be reunited.”

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