Lisa Hochstein Discusses Argument With Marysol And Ana


Lisa Hochstein is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the confrontation she had with Marysol and Ana on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa explains she was not pleased to be told she was butting in the conversation, and insists she has a right to an opinion on the matter. Lisa says Marysol has always shied away from confrontation, but this season is the complete opposite.

Lisa writes, “Marysol being “baffled” that Lea was supposedly the only one that didn’t reach out to her mother was odd to me. Why on earth would Marysol care if Lea had anything to do with her mother, when Marysol wants nothing to do with Lea and to be out of her life? Marysol then wanting to go to chitchat with Lea seemed like a calculated move to create drama. Marysol couldn’t care less about chatting with Lea. Then Marysol rudely interrupted me and Lea as we were having a friendly conversation and enjoying the party. I do not appreciate being told I was “butting in” when I was the one pushed aside. Marysol has it backwards. From the beginning of Season 1 Marysol has always shied away from confrontation with Lea, Elaine, or anyone. This season she wants to get into it with everyone.

After Lea walked away, Marysol comes back like a pesky mosquito. I’m happy Lea just took the highroad and did not engage. She then points her finger, telling me that I try to get into everyone’s business and that I know nothing about the situation, which is comical. I may have met most of this group about 2 years ago, but I have formed a relationship with Lea and consider her a friend. Sometimes history is less important than somebody’s current actions towards a former friend. Whether Marysol likes it or not, I am in this group and I will have an opinion. That doesn’t make me a “pit-bull gnawing at her leg” as she describes our confrontation in her interview. There are many things that have zero to do with her, but she finds every way possible to make it her business. I could easily say that she should stay out of the issues between Adriana and Lea, but Marysol is friends with Adriana like I am with Lea, so she has a right to have an opinion.

To make matters worse, Ana, Marysol’s sidekick, snidely comments that, “I’m playing all sides and the middle.” Could she be any more clueless? She should stick to what she knows, which is much less then she pretends to. Just because I don’t have any issues with anyone at this point doesn’t mean I’m playing all sides. Ana has a very condescending attitude about her. She seems to think that she is above everyone else in the world and that she can talk down to anyone she pleases. Just because she wrote a cookbook doesn’t make her an expert on life. She continues the insults with, “I am hooked on phonics,” when I repeated she was Marysol’s mouthpiece. The difference is when I said that, it was the truth. She was Marysol’s mouthpiece for all of Season 2. She is now trying to also double as for bodyguard. Then I’m told that I’m “defending for the sake of defending.” I never defend for the sake of defending, I defend when I feel it’s the right thing to do and especially if it’s for a friend, who I feel is being attacked.”

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4 Replies to “Lisa Hochstein Discusses Argument With Marysol And Ana”

  1. Lisa is nothing but a social climber. I remember in an early episode when she wanted a house on Star Island and wanted to get to know Lea. Their first meeting on TV showed a hurt Lisa because Lea sort of snubbed her. She is a newbie and has no idea of the what has gone on in the past with this group of women. So butt out and go back to that husband of yours who also doesn’t seemed so interested in sex with you. Even those trashy clothes you wear to bed don’t entice him .

  2. Lisa better be careful associating and defending the likes of Lea Black, a known liar and manipulator throughout Miami & now the world. Ana has accused Lisa of constantly attacking Cubans, which I don’t see… I believe she’s referring to Lisa calling them a Cuban gang, which I believe was said in a light hearted manner.

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