Lisa Hochstein Before Plastic Surgery, PHOTOS

Many viewers wonder what Real Housewives of Miami’s Lisa Hochstein looked liked before she had plastic surgery. On Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live, she admitted to having a nose job, her first boob job corrected, and botox. Personally, I don’t see much of a difference, I think she’s just naturally beautiful! You can see photos of her below before she had any plastic surgery. Click on an image to enlarge!

Tell Us- Do you like Lisa’s look before or after her plastic surgery?

Photo Credits: Bravo


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  1. You don’t pay attention very well, these are after several surgeries. She doesn’t look natural now at all, nor did she then, although she was much more fresh faced

    1. I agree.she looks like all hollywood fake monsters.she messed herself up.nothing natural on her anymore.too late to look good now.she is plasic and its not sexy.maybe only plastic surgeon finds her attractive.

  2. She looks like an entirely different person-if you didn’t tell me she was in the picture, I wouldn’t be able to pick her out-even then it’s difficult!

  3. The lips aren’t hers. But if she kept her surgery to when she was in those photos it would have been perfect. I agree she looks great in the photos and should have stopped there. But some people do like the look she has now. Who knows I guess its all part of the Real housewives scene.

  4. she also looks like her make up is tattooed on her. she tries to come off on the show as a little comical. i also thought she was older and her make up is always the same. I’m sure she married that man for money. thats what they do. her personality is a little fake to me

  5. I think she looks gorgeous now and then.
    I think she has a great personality and she is one of the sweetest housewives I’ve seen on Bravo. I hope the show doesn’t make her change for the worse in the near future.

  6. I think Lisa was pretty enough before. Now she looks a little strange, plastic even, and her lips protrude too much. Maybe the problem is that she started aging and so she decided to get plastic surgery to retard the external effects of aging, and unwittingly chose a not-very-skilled doctor. I don’t know her age but she really doesn’t look like she could even be 40. I looked like I was 20 at 40. I wonder if she jumped the gun. So many plastic surgeons don’t do a good job at turning back aging while also preserving the customer’s natural beauty. (And she married that …) I think that good quality cosmetic plastic surgery requires an artistic hand along with a very creative mind, not just medical knowledge.
    What do you think about Elsa? She’s also a natural beauty. To me, her face looks like it’s suffering from inflammation. It could be that she had too many procedures and her flesh is reacting by trying to heal, hence the swelling. I don’t know how old she is but I’m going to guess her to be about 75+. Because of her advanced age, she also has the potential for bad reactions to any kind of surgery. Perhaps she was getting more plastic surgery to correct bad plastic surgery and it overloaded her immune system.
    If I had the money to get procedures done to turn back aging, and I will not consider taking loans for cosmetic surgery like so many in California do, I would spend plenty of time looking up what exactly what I would need to do and plenty of time looking up which doctors to trust with my physical appearance. Since what we look like is so important, it sure doesn’t make sense to only choose a plastic surgeon according to cost and locale. If you can’t afford a good one, don’t get anything at all done. In the end, you might look older than you prefer but at least you’ll look real, not distractibly weird.

  7. Haters go get a life. This girl is pretty then adn now. Seriously why do people care SO much when people get work done? And whether she had this or that done? It’s her freaking body. Love you lisa. Be strong and don’t listen to haters cause that lets them win. You are so pretty and a good person

  8. She looked beautiful before I don’t know why she felt the need to alter her look.
    Pressure of society? Marital pressure? A little of both? Well as long as she’s
    Happy who really cares.

  9. She is not recognizable she is very different looking from when she was very young … She was very cute , very Pretty then after years passed she changed her face, nose job, lips, boobs, botox , fillers .. Those pictures above when she was young are after her surgeries .. She never looked like that.. I love plastic surgery , I love all that great stuff plastic surgeons do .. I think it’s great but honestly she did not need it she was a natural beauty .

  10. I just read more of the above messages… You girls are making it seem like she had a face lift .. Very cruel … So she was a natural beauty , gorgeous and yes she did not need to alter nothing but she only had a nose job , her lips , botox and fillers wow everyone is doing that. She was a beauty then and still is . She is not like she was when she was very young and yes unrecognized now but she still is hot and yes she looks a little fake.. She is and was way too young to get fillers and botox she should of waited to do that in her late 30’s but we all do what we want and so she did . I think when she gets to be in her late 30’s there could be alterations in her face for starting so young but geez she’s married to a plastic surgeon she shouldn’t be all that worried. I must say for her age she has aged pretty quickly and I believe it’s because she started too young.

  11. Oh no! This poor poor girl. I have caught the show and honestly thought she was well into her 40s trying to look younger. I had no idea she was so gorgeous before Nd some of them were just 8 yrs ago! It’s a shame she paid all this money to triple her aging since then. No no no. HUGE mistake. What a waste of a natural beauty. Thank you for warning me to never go under the knife. 🙁

  12. I thought Lisa was pushing 40 when I first saw her on the show and I was shocked to find out that she’s only 31. I recently saw her without makeup on and thought she looked MUCH better and more her age…her lips looked normal and I was surprised to see how much of a natural beauty she is. I think she was a bit thicker in her before pictures…combine being extremely thin with plastic surgery and tanning and that can definitely make you look older than you actually are. She was so cute before and she’s not ugly now…she just looks way older and enhanced. I also wonder if her fertility issues have anything to do with her small frame? Not suggesting that all small people have fertility issues at all..(I’m tall but am tiny myself lol)’s just that she was a bit bigger before and if she’s not maintaining her current weight in a healthy way, it could definitely cause fertility issues. Just a thought…wishing her and her hubby all the best on their baby journey 🙂

  13. The marriage she has is a breath of fresh air. Its obvious she is in love with him and he with her. Watching all the other (all Real Housewives of any one of the shows) with their “loves”, its refreshing to watch a couple that is in love and real with each other. Vicki and Brooks are destined to be a mess because Vicki is nuts to let her daughter and that loser husband of hers tell her what she can and can’t do in HER house. Why doesn’t Vicki just move out and let them have the house? That is what they already think. She is nuts. When she had that party and her son-in-law ran someone off because he didn’t think they respected him, which was a blatant lie and ridiculous, Vicki ran to her son-in-laws defense. He even slipped when he said “his house” but that was overlooked. Vicki should not let anyone tell her who she can and cannot have in her home. No matter who they are. She is a total wimp. Brooks is crazy to stay.

  14. You can’t tell the difference from the BEFORE and AFTER dear writer of this article? My I suggest glasses or laser surgery?
    I think Lisa was gorgeous before and now she looks like another plastic boring Barbie.

  15. Wow, was stunning before! Now, still pretty but not stunning- looks less youthful and I think the closer u look, the more plastic/alien like she looks- not good!

  16. She looks so strange now…on the verge of cat woman. I honestly thought she was in her mid-40’s. I’m stunned that she’s in her 30’s. She ruined her youthful look. It’s so bad. Her husband thinks that look good?? Huh?? How is that possible?

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