‘Life On the Ramonacoaster’ Review

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 29: Ramona Singer attends her 'Life on the Ramona Coaster' book launch event at Beautique on July 29, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

Whenever celebrities come out with autobiographies and books I am instantly intrigued. Im that person that will go on Amazon and order dozens of them because to me it is a chance for someone to speak their truth and tell their story. Being on the Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer has gotten a lot of love and hate from fans and the press and she finally got the chance to tell her story as she is at a crossroads in her life. I recently read her book Life on the Ramonacoaster (finished it within a few days) and this is what it was all about, and I’ll tell you what I thought about it.

Before becoming a successful business woman, wife, mother and Real Housewife, Ramona encountered a lot of pain and sadness in her childhood. She opens up about how her father was physically abusive towards her mother and how he emotionally abused her growing up. She explains that this is where she got her tell it like it is personality and how she became strong from it.

Eventually Ramona went to college and got her degree, working her way up as a buyer and eventually opened up her own business. She even shared that before husband Mario, she was engaged to a doctor and broke it off. Her and Mario had an instant connection, got married and had their daughter Avery who is now twenty and attending the University of Virginia.

Both Mario and Ramona had suffered tragedy with their parents. Mario’s mother Carla was living with the family as she was suffering with health complications. Shortly after Carla passed away, Ramona’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Ramona being the oldest child took great care of her mother during her three year battle with the disease. Ramona was still at odds with her father.

She talks deeply about the last Christmas she had spent with her father. It had been a few years since the two saw each other and with Mario’s encouragement she invited him for the holidays at their Southhampton home. For the first time in her life she felt accepted and loved by her father, who sadly passed away shortly after his visit.

Although there was a chunk of sadness and deep story telling of Ramona’s tragedies, she shared a lot of enlightening stories of raising Avery with Mario, going on a trip to Africa with a different group of women, and living a fun upscale life in New York City. Towards the end she opens up about her headlining separation and divorce with ex Mario.

Reading all of this was a shock to me. I remember watching the season six reunion when Andy had asked Ramona about her marriage as there were headlines about him having an affair. She does acknowledge and apologized for her behavior that day, and explains that during that period the couple was trying to work on their marriage.

Ramona shares the pain that her daughter Avery went through-how she found out, and even shared the personal letter she wrote to her father. She shares how involved her daughter got into the mix and how once again it made Ramona stronger.

She leaves the book off by sharing how for once in her life she does not know what is going to happen. She would like to be in a relationship again, and she is more optimistic now. Her last words in the book end off:

“Life is a roller coaster, or in my case it’s a Ramonacoaster, Sometimes it’s thrilling, sometimes it’ terrifying, but you just have to raise your hands in the air, throw your head back and enjoy the ride.”

This book really came from the horse’s mouth and was very deep and personal and I will say this book helped me understand Ramona Singer a lot more. Being a fan and a writer I’m always watching and analyzing. People would think because these women are on a reality show that we know them so well, when the truth of the matter is that is just the big portrait of it all. To the portrait there are details and backstories of how and why a person is who they are today. So personally, thank you Ramona for opening your story in a different way where people can see more of you.

The book was great and I encourage you all to read it as I think you will be inspired to overcome challenges and hardships in your life. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself.

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14 Replies to “‘Life On the Ramonacoaster’ Review”

  1. Ramona is crazy and entitled spoiled brat, but she is A LOT of fun and always interesting to watch 🙂 As Betthenny said, Ramona can get away with a murder…. 🙂 I know I am crazy for liking her…

  2. I think Ramona is fun to watch but I’m not interested enough in her to buy her book. Also, she really shouldn’t have dragged her daughter into her divorce.

  3. I don’t like her enough to read the book. The only one so far I have read is Carole Radziwill ‘What Remains’ I read this on holiday crying by the pool! I have ordered House of Hilton as I would like to understand Kim better but am waiting for it to arrive.

    1. Oh! I want to read that. Aunt Bee and I spoke of it and I looked it up and found out it was still $50.00, so I will wait ’till I can get it used. I hear it is really interesting. I don’t remember if you were here yet at the end of season 5 of BH. There is quite a lot of discussion about the Richard sisters, and all of them. Some of the pages can still be found back in the old stuff.

  4. I don’t believe there is a single one of us who hasn’t overcome some of life’s difficulties but that doesn’t give us license to treat others poorly or behave erratically.

    1. I 100% agree Aunt Bee, I have been through much more strife and adversity than Ramonain my childhood than Ramona and I came through it stronger too, but also kinder, more compassionate and empathetic towards others- something Ramona utterly lacks.

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