Lexi Manzo Signs On For RHONJ Season 6


We were the first to report that Dina Manzo has officially signed on to return to season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now her daughter Lexi Manzo confirms she has signed on to film too! Lexi, who is currently 17 years old, was not featured during season 2, because her father, George Hadjiapostoli, was against his teenage daughter being on the reality show.

Now that Lexi has grown up, it looks like she will be joining her mom on the show. Lexi tweeted, “Guess what I’m signing….,” along with an Instagram photo of her Bravo contract.



We are told Lexi has grown into a very spiritual, peaceful young woman, a lot like her mother!

Are you excited to watch Lexi on RHONJ?

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21 Replies to “Lexi Manzo Signs On For RHONJ Season 6”

  1. lexi,do you still hide halloween candy all over your room? lol that was so funny,when your mom opened your drawers and we saw your stash in there.now if i was at your house,i’d have a feast

  2. Why is she known as Lexi Manzo instead of by her fathers last name? Was Dina not married to him? If not shouldn’t she be known as Lexi Laurita? How confusing.

  3. Looks like the Real Housewives of New Jersey RHONJ has made a good right turn and picked up Dina Manzo and her daughter Lexi. The coming season looks like it will be one to watch for good reason! Thank you BravoTV for reinventing RHONJ!

    1. Reinventing RHONJ would be getting the lying theif Teresa Giudice off the show! Dina doesn’t want to be a Manzo unless it is to cash in on the name! She is a snobby bitch that thinks she is better than everyobe else!
      Dina and Teresa are two reason to no longer watch the show.

      1. I suggest you stop watching RHONJ if Teresa bothers you so much. I’d like to know how you feel about Melissa. To me Melissa is disgusting in so many ways.

  4. I am sure Lexi is a lovely young lady but why is she using the last name Manzo? SHe has a father who has partial custody of her and is in her life AND her mom is divorcing Tommy, PLUS her mother cannot stand the Manzo clan and hasn’t seen any of them in years. I find Dina to be disgusting, always have since I saw her on my big fat obnoxious wedding. RHONJ is another one scratched off the list. One by one these shows are going down the toilet.

      1. know lexi’s father lives in greece, because lexi went to visit him on vacation. think her parents are divorced. rest of story will come back to me, as i think back when show first started

    1. You could try to do a Google search on Dina. Her maiden name is Laurita. I don’t know who her first husband was. As you know Dina and Caroline who are sisters who married 2 Manzo brothers.

      1. Everything was fine during the first two seasons. It’s only been the latest three seasons that were so dark. So, let’s think about that. If people don’t change, and Teresa was fine during the first two seasons, then she can’t be the problem. Hmmmm….which of the cast members have only been on the show for the last three seasons…THEY must be the problem….

        1. Danielle, you sound like unconscious Teresa who blames everyone else for the chaos she causes. Teresa needs some serious help.

          1. danielle is right, housewives was lots of fun to watch, before melissa,kathy,richie and baby joey came on. we saw lexi hiding her candy all over her room,saw all her stuffed animals,going to charity. teresa making sauce woth all her family,then going to turkey farm. yes it was so light,funny just a nice family fun program then

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