Lexi Manzo Defends Mom Dina Against Jim Marchese’s Ridiculous Tweets

Of course, former RHONJ cast member Jim Marchese had something to say about the horrific incident that just happened to Dina Manzo and her boyfriend Dave Cantin, but Dina’s daughter Lexi, 20, is coming to her mom’s defense on Twitter and putting Marchese in his place.

Marchese claimed that Dina and her millionaire boyfriend were attacked because “nothing good ever comes of out RHONJ” and “in the end the devil comes for his dues.”

And Lexi let him have it.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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10 Comments on "Lexi Manzo Defends Mom Dina Against Jim Marchese’s Ridiculous Tweets"

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Good for Lexi. Jim Who? (lol)

This piece of trash needs to crawl in a hole somewhere. I love how Lexi’s responses are more intelligent and sophisticated than his…

I don’t watch this show or know these people but what this Jim said is really disgusting and hateful .

And as I said before , the husbands on HW shows should not meddle in women’s business and should keep to themselves. This is so uncalled for

What a rotten, mean thing to say. He is a rotten, mean person though so nothing kind can come from his mouth.

Hold on Jim the devils coming for you

He is so disgusting.

jealous much jimbo – you stinking piece of garbage! go away – far away – you don’t belong with civilized people

Oh great…he sees all of the publicity Dina is getting…next thing you know he’ll be faking a robbery himself and pretending to tie them both up together. Afterwards his wife can claim they were just playing around, like that plane ride.

Nanci Michelle Murphy

This just proves just how much of a scumbag Jim Marchese’s is !!! Really ??? He and his wife are lower that scum… They are both horrible people… And he just proved right there how he and is wife were nothing good that came out of their 15min of fame on RHONJ !!! Dina Manzo was and is the best thing that has ever come out of the RHONJ !!! She is a kind and generous soul !!! How dare you Jim !!! Shame on you !!!

What a vile creature..
Everything that comes out of his mouth is mean and vile.
Karma is a B*tch and so is he..