LeeAnne Locken Tosses Wine


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas, LeeAnne Locken met with Heidi Dillon to chair a charity event. Dillon founded The Fashionistas, a Dallas-based nonprofit that promotes education for the next generation of the fashion industry.

LeeAnne asked Heidi to be an honor chairs for the event to help people suffering from aids. “Heidi is the one who knows people who write the checks. She is someone you definitely want to know,” Locken tells the cameras.

Meanwhile Stephanie Hollman arrives at Brandi Redmond’s house to pick her up for their trip to visit her hometown in Coweta, Oklahoma. “This trip could not have come at a better time. The last week has been crazy,” Hollman says. “You know those car commercials where the happy family is in the car and getting ready to go on a road trip? I just want to say Don’t go because this is what really happens,” she added.

While Locken is at a charity event for the SPCA. She revealed, “I had a dog that was really sick. It forced me to grow up and be a mom. As I was taking my animal to the vet I met other people who asked me to help and I couldn’t say no.” LeeAnn and Tiffany are talking about the altercation between LeeAnn and Brandi and LeeAnn tells her, “If you had never had an altercation with Brandi you would think the poop in the purse was funny, but it really wasn’t.”

When Stephanie and Brandi arrive in Oklahoma, Stephanie shares with Brandi about the way she grew up. “The people are so nice and nonjudgemental. This place is so different from Dallas. I could go to Wal-Mart in a tutu and people wouldn’t bat an eyelash.” She continued, “I grew up and in a religious family. We listened to Christian music, I didn’t dance, drink or have sex until I had been with a guy for three years.” Brandi replied, “Being with Stephanie and her family is like being in a Hallmark card.” Hollman added, “The relationship with my family has been strained because of the issues between my mom and my Grandfather. It was so uncomfortable I just wanted to go sit at the kids table.”

Tiffany Hendra and Cary Deuber try to become better friends by going to yoga together and Tiffany tries to talk to Cary about how the women can become friends.

On the night of Marie’s cocktail party LeeAnne just wants to have fun, but Stephanie and Brandi talking about how Brandi should confront LeeAnne at the party. LeeAnne arrives with her friend Erica. Tiffany pulls Brandi aside to make her case for friendship.

Cary comes over to speak to LeeAnne and Locken says, “Erica, this is Cary. She thinks I’m fake.” Tiffany goes over to talk to Brandi, who is complaining about LeeAnne having that “Brandi trash-talking lunch” with Cary and Stephanie. Tiffany goes to get LeeAnne so that the ladies can work things out.

When LeeAnne insists that the lunch did not have malicious intent, Brandi replies, “You are full of sh*t.” The conversation only got worse from there. The two started arguing about how LeeAnne is selfish. Then, they each claim that the other has no idea that what they have been through. Brandi says, “You put your life in the tabloids so people will talk about you.”

LeeAnne got so angry that she poured her drink on the ground, and then slammed her glass on a table. Locken also cursed Stephanie out until she started crying, then LeeAnne walked away.

Cary adds, “Um, LeeAnne spilled wine on my dress.”

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  1. Want ti contact Leeann about pet charity here in Abilene, Tx. I want to get one started. And ai so relate to you. I’m real not a fake. Please help me animals are put down so much here. We have no no kill shelter here. Please help me. I’m from New Orleans and I did charities there all the time but just can’t get into them here are get them started. Leeann please help. Thank you Deborah

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