LeeAnne Locken On Threatening Cary Deuber

LeAnne Locken is taking to her blog to explain her threat towards Cary Deuber and claiming that Cary’s husband Mark is gay. Locken also has a lot to say about Brandi Redmond, who she says sh felt baited her.

“This week the bull was so big it got out of the pen before I was even saddled up. So hold on cause the bullsh*t is flying this week!

When Brandi Redmond volunteered to take me to my surgery because Rich was called into work that morning, I thought she was genuinely trying to make up for not taking me to Memphis. At the tea when Brandi tried to comfort me, I believed that she honestly felt bad for hurting my feelings. My, how time can change an opinion! During the entire drive to surgery, I got to hear all the horrible thingsCary Deuber was saying about my surgeon. And, to be clear, Cary doesn’t even know my surgeon! Brandi also reminded me of how stressed out she was before her own mommy make-over. Cary had told her that Brandi’s own surgeon had, “KILLED SOMEONE ON HIS TABLE”. I just can’t even imagine how apprehensive Brandi must have felt. No wonder she went to multiple appointments in order to feel more comfortable with her doctor. I don’t understand this need to insult a person’s surgeon RIGHT BEFORE SURGERY! While I think Cary would like for it to come across as concern – it doesn’t. It just creates so much fear and no one should be put through that in the hour before they are anesthetized. Look, I am not good with surgery to begin with. It truly terrorizes me to even think about what could happen when things are out of my control. Let’s call me a little bit of a control freak that is being made unnecessarily scared on the trip to my surgery.

When I later explained this to Rich, he said that there are two ways of being the good person — The first is to actually be the best person you can be or select option two: try to make everyone else look bad.

Oh, and as for my comment to Brandi on the way to my surgery, “That talk is going to get her in big trouble.” I meant as far as the legality of defaming someone. Can you really say someone killed someone on his table if it’s not true? I’m not a lawyer but it just doesn’t seem right or legal.

Brandi’s comments on my nipples are hilarious! I could have given anyone a two-nips up at any time. We all remember my ex-friend from last year, well, she was the one who recommended the surgeon who created what’s called “sunny-side up” breasts. So, I appreciate the level at Dr. Trues! Who doesn’t want a more leveled life? Not to mention breasts!”

LeAnne discusses her threats towards Cary and what she said about Cary’s husband Mark.

“My “conversation” with Brandi at the surgery center seemed very one-sided. What I mean by that is, in a normal conversation there is give and take. I truly only heard the take! Where were the questions that led to those answers? I feel like I was completely baited in an altered state into speaking about something that should not have been discussed considering I was under the influence.

I honestly can’t recall this conversation. It’s horrible to watch it back on TV. If you feel disappointed in me while watching this, let me tell you, I feel it 1,000 times harder. This is not who I want to be and not how I want to be. When people push my buttons, I want to be calm and respond in a calm manner. My heightened fear took all of that away from me. I own it, but I am not proud of it!”

Locken also points out what Brandi said that wasn’t true.

“Any true friend taking you to surgery would have built you up, not asked you to discuss people trying tear you down.

Now regarding the Brandi phone call to Cary….

Brandi’s words:

“LeeAnne is very upset and won’t let it go.” – Um, Brandi, you started this conversation by repeating what she said.

“She says she is going to hurt you.” – NEVER SAID THAT

“Spitting in my face and her eyes were delusional.” – Never spat in her face.

Cary’s words:

“LeeAnne says she’s gonna kill me.” – NEVER SAID THAT

“Brandi said she’s gonna strangle me.” – NEVER SAID THAT

Now we all have said things in the past that we regret but the voice of reason, D’Andra Simmons, did help explain some of my past comments when she said, “LeeAnne pops off! That what she does!” Finally, some TRUTH!”

Of course, LeeAnne had something to say about Cary’s husband, Mark Deuber.

“And when Mark suggests that maybe Cary not go to Mexico, Cary says “I’m not gonna let her ruin my fun”… okay folks here’s where it is common sense to see two things very clearly: Cary is not scared and she absolutely knows I didn’t mean what I DID said.

Having these women continue to say that I said things that I never said is, to me, as inexcusable as my behavior has occasionally been. Do they believe that if they say it enough others will say it, too? Seeing Brandi so clearly stand up for Cary and Stephanie after all that they have done to her, yet throw me under the bus with complete ease, blows me away. It makes me question if the girl’s fight ever really happened or if it was just a massive manipulation to get inside of my world and bait me into conversations that they could use against me later.”

As for their Mexico trip?

“Oh well. Mexico, here we come. Yes, Brandi was passed out on the bus. The resort was amazing and then the truth comes out. While D’Andra and I are in our room, the girls down the hall are totally trash talking about me in a condescending way, just for a laugh. Cutting to Kameron in her interview questioning this line of conversation is a moment of clarity for me! Here is a woman who was preloaded with same amount of crap about me as these other girls were last year and yet is giving me a chance! Then we cut back to Cary- “Let’s go show off our titties that we had done…by REAL plastic surgeons.” Yup. Nothing condescending about that! I can’t imagine why I would think you don’t like me.”

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8 Replies to “LeeAnne Locken On Threatening Cary Deuber”

  1. Watching the show I was “struck” about the artificiality of the “three witches stirring the brew”! Something seemed so “contrived and unnatural”! As I analyzed what took place it became apparent to me that all three of them have formed an alliance to “take Leanne down”! Brandi in the guise of the “concerned/ friend” feeds an “sedated/defenses down” Leanne questions she knows will evoke a negative response! Then runs to her little “malicious/bat the blue eyes/in it for the money honey” friend who pretends she is aghast! You must tell Cary for her safety! She says! Then Brandi “wannabe badass weak sister/user”just out of the blue calls Carey to “warn her she’s in danger”? Listen to them cackle in glee as they feel their little “take down” is successful in Mexico! Leanne don’t bother with these three! Listen to Carey’s dissatisfaction with her controlling husband.. (and his with her)!she’ll take him to the bank as soon as maximum interest is accrued on the business/houses! It’s called DIVORCE! The other two will stay as long as the money continues to roll in..that’s what they are all about! Disloyal, faithless to each other and their spouses in the end!

    1. This comment was the driving factor in my creating a disqus account JUST so I could say THANK you. This is amazing. The three ratcheteers have no idea what friendship, loyalty and unconditional love are. They wouldn’t know it if it fell on their faces and flapped around. Leeanne has some problems that she’s TRYING to deal with, and she doesn’t need these vapid, insect-esque shrews peeling her layers of sanity away one by one just for kicks. And Brandi, imo is the absolute worst. She’s ugly on the inside and the outside. Her twisted little face looks as twisted as her black, evil heart. Typical Regina George cheerleader type. Shame on you Brandi. If you’re going to fuck with someone, just outright fuck with them. But to dangle a carrot of friendship in front of someone who is already a mess, just so you can have a story line on a stupid reality show? That’s filthy. Have fun passing along these ugly traits to your brats. Cary and Stephanie use Leeanne as their personal punching bag to make up for the fact that their GROSS, effeminate, ugly, bitchy little tiny husbands do everything short of forcing them to wear a burka and insist upon female genital mutilation to remind them that they are second class citizens. Good luck getting closer to your god whom you constantly gush about. I heard you can’t buy your way there.

  2. I like Leann & I feel sorry for her. Yes, she has problems loses her cool. But the girls are mean to her & wont give her a chance.
    What game is Brandi playing? Her behavior toward Leann is definitely hypocritical & she is a traitor of a friend.

  3. I think LeeAnne is Southern Spitfire of a woman; I’ve met many, and they are colorful – sheer forces of nature who are not afraid to NOT back down from conflict – so she actually doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is the gas lighting that goes on with the rest of the group, and how two faced Brandi is…that girl will pivot & flip on a dime like a pre-trained circus act in order to stir up action…that bothers me greatly…as we will see in future scenes, there isn’t a soul she wouldn’t throw under a bus for camera time and a potential plot point.

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