LeeAnne Locken Slams D’Andra Simmons After Feud Explodes

This season on The Real Housewives of Dallas, the feud between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons has some viewer’s heads spinning. Who said what, when and why. But LeAnne is issuing a piece of advice to D’Andra.

“When I said I didn’t feel like Cary Deuber had a side with me at all it’s because Cary and I are still getting to know one another. I wouldn’t expect her to side with me on anything at this point because she has no idea if that honest loyalty will be returned. Cary telling D’Andra Simmons what I said was very unexpected, however, in the smash room when I confronted her and said – “That’s NOT how I said it” she agreed and told me that she told D’Andra I was just trying to help her. Which is WHY I felt led to believe, looking back at the anger room, that D’Andra was ACTING! If someone told you it was said but not with bad intentions, why lose your mind and tell the whole group? I felt it was a bit over the top even for an extreme exaggerator such as D’Andra.”

She continued in her blog, “I stole money from you to buy “hair extensions from China” well, aren’t you just a ray of f*cking sunshine. Let me get this straight, according to D’Andra, “The rich will forgive everything but the POOR.”?? Are you kidding me? Money is seriously THAT important to you that you base your place in society by the level of money you have in your bank account? I’m sorry several bank accounts? That is never how I have seen any of my wealthier friends. Let’s be clear, plenty of my wealthy friends accept, love and INCLUDE me in their lives and social calendar not based off my bank account but more my personality and loyalty. This insecurity in D’Andra is not a healthy one.”

“Now she is telling me she would never “say something about my personal finances” BUT YOU JUST DID. You just accused me of STEALING FROM YOU and buying my weave from China. So you did just talk sh– about my finances. Back to the Double Standards we go!” she added.

However, Locken insists her apology was real. “Watching myself apologize from the deepest part of heart trying to put our relationship back on track is hard to watch. At that point, I just wanted to apologize so we could get back to what I thought was an authentic friendship. And what do I get for taking the high road? The high road that some of you on Twitter demanded I take with her…? INSULTS! Now I am being accused of something I didn’t do for a reason that doesn’t exist. D’Andra has become rude and willing to say anything, including LIE ABOUT ME to distract her truth.”

She concluded, “I’m going to end this week with one VERY CLEAR WARNING- do not LIE about Rich, D’Andra cause the karma train is a real BITCH! Oh, and it’s just an ugly look on you when you are so obviously jealous of how HAPPY we are together!”


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