LeeAnne Locken Shares She is in Anger Management


The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion kicked off Sunday night and the episode began with the news that Brandi Redmond’s children had been kicked out of private school since the show had aired. Apparently, they weren’t big fans of Brandi’s love for Jesus Juice…

“They did not think my behavior… was a good representation of the school,” Redmond told Andy Cohen.

After catching up with each Housewife, Andy decided to bring in Cary Deuber’s husband Mark to address the allegations LeeAnne Locken made about about the couple having an affair.

“I would never go after a married man, and for someone to say that about me is so hurtful … I have children and he has children … I don’t like them hearing negative things like that,” Cary insisted.

Locken said she was only repeating rumors that she had been hearing for years. When Mark asked her, “Why did you say it?” She scoffed at him and asked if he needed a tampon. LeeAnne defended her actions, saying, “I said that on camera because that’s what I know of them.”

Cohen jumped in the middle of the problem and asked LeeAnne, “Is spreading trash about her marriage charity?” Eventually LeeAnne copped to her bad behavior and said, “I apologize for going on camera and repeating something that I didn’t have the facts on.” As LeeAnne reached out to give Cary a hug she glared at Stephanie Hollman and said, “Don’t say I’m egomaniacal.” Hollman replied, “You’re trying to start a fight for no reason.”

Next, Brandi Redmond admitted that being on the show did cause problems in her marriage to her husband Bryan. “It wasn’t something that he signed up for … and it hurt him,” she explained, adding that when he walked away from her at dinner, it was because he didn’t want to have a conversation about their marriage on camera. She revealed, “He just said that he was disappointed. He said that he wanted a divorce.” The couple was able to turn it around and are now in a very good place. Brandi was happy to announce, “We renewed our vows in September.”

The reunion really heated up when LeeAnne’s ex-friend Marie Reyes joined the group. Tiffany Hendra refused to make eye contact with her at first. When asked about the state of her friendship with LeeAnne, Marie said, “We are not friends anymore.” She then shared she’s taken out a restraining order against LeeAnne because after her life was threatened in Austin, LeeAnne threatened her again, this time via a text that read, “Stop talking about me, or else.” Tiffany then said about Marie, “She’s paying thousands of dollars to have a social media team destroy us.” News that Marie confirmed.

Next, Andy asked Locken the question that has been on everyone’s minds. “Did you really poop in a bag?” LeeAnne laughed and said, “Actually, no. I’m not that talented. I pooped in a basket.” She continued, “There have been a lot of things that have taken place between Marie and I … what I’ve seen Marie do would scare the living out of you all.” Marie responded with silence and Tiffany added, “I’ve kept my f*ckin’ mouth shut … to protect you and your daughter.”

By the end of the reunion, LeeAnne admitted she is in anger management now. “There’s still a lot of hurt and when I get hurt by people it just brings it all back up,” she admitted, before the show came to an end.

What did you think of the reunion?

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6 Replies to “LeeAnne Locken Shares She is in Anger Management”

  1. The most unusual batch of women. All have issues in one way or another. In a nutshell, it wasn’t the best viewing season. Stupid & silly.

  2. Not sure how many of you watched this show but I binge watched the season a few weeks ago. This LeeAnne is either bi-polar or the biggest hypocrite on the planet. She screams over and over how much she loves “charity” and yet, she acts like a terrorist at each and every function. Gossiping, back-stabbing, verbal abuse, physical threats. She needs to be institutionalized until she gets her issues under control because she is one dangerous person with a hair-trigger violent temper. Who in the world would want this idiot to do anything for their charity? My god, what a victim mentality.

    1. Isn’t that the truth.. She has no sense of respect or reality. She’s delisional and needs to get over playing victim shit. She’s trash . How did she every get on this show

  3. At least Leeann confessed that she is in (anger management).
    Those 2 village idiots/ brandi/ stephanie are too stupid and ruin the show, glad that brandi got a reality check for her stupid behaviour by getting her own kids kicked out of their private school. What and idiot…. And the other village idiot with her stupid lists and that voice (oy vey).
    And what’s up with the cary/ hubby thing? Is the dude gay?
    And maria=== traitor for 15 minutes/ loser…………

    1. @ Prudence . Exactly. LeeAnne has her flaws, but Brandi,Stephanie, & Cary had it out for LeeAnne from the start.
      Marie is the epitome of a 2 faced, liar, who betrayed LeeAnne 2 for no reason. LeeAnne has every right to be angry with her.
      Loved watching LeeAnne put Cary in her place, regarding the Socialite situation.

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