LeeAnne Locken Reveals Her True Intentions Of Lunch With Cary and Stephanie


LeeAnne Locken says she was trying to help Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman when she met them for lunch during this week’s episode of RHOD. Locken writes in her blog that she never claimed she was a socialite in Dallas and reveals her real intentions behind the lunch with the ladies.

“Rich asked for an introduction through a mutual friend and at the time I wasn’t dating anyone seriously so I said YES! I wasn’t interested in getting serious with anyone at that point in my life because I was so focused on my career. That all changed the moment I opened the door! WOW! Holy…did I brush my teeth moment! I was stunned by his handsome good looks! At dinner I couldn’t stop laughing! He was, and still is, so incredibly charming and funny!! I remember quietly thinking to myself, I love him! And then I remember telling myself, NO MORE WINE! You don’t fall in love on a first date! This is CRAZY! But here we are over seven years later, still laughing…and most importantly, still LOVING each other!

I have never been the kind of person that tells friends whom they can hang out with! If I think someone is a bad egg, I warn my friends, what happens next is up to them. When Tiffany said she wanted to get to know Cary I was fine with it! I understand Tiffany better than most people. She gives EVERYONE more chances than they deserve! Heck, I can’t begin to count how many she has given me! That is what makes HER — a loving, genuine & compassionate friend! I hoped that she would become friends with them and if not, she could tell me why!

I’m not going to lie — IT HURT when Aaron told Tiffany she should find other friends! And I was a bit surprised. I know that we will always be friends and I want her to have a life separate from mine. I do miss our days from the past of watching movies together and giggling while chowing on some Popeyes Spicy Chicken. But we all have to grow up at some point. Biblically, she is right to put her husband first. I want them both to be HAPPY in Dallas! If making new friends makes her happy then THAT is what I want for her!

My intentions for lunch with Cary & Stephanie were sincere and motivated only to try and HELP them navigate their way through the Dallas charity scene, which can be more than a bit tricky! It was obvious from the moment I sat down that their minds were already made up and the line in sand had ALREADY been drawn. When Cary brought up “You have to be a B, that’s right BILLIONAIRE, to be a socialite,” THAT was the final bell of the last round! Cary has NO CLUE about Dallas Society because in my circles, SHE IS NOT WELCOMED or LIKED! There, I said it! THAT is the TRUTH! I am accepted because I DON’T LIE!! And let’s face it, I’m Freaking FUN to be around! At this point, since I am not the type of person to beat a dead horse, I simply got up, paid the bill and went on my way! Cary is IRRITATED of the fact that I AM welcomed and liked in most social circles and she just simply can’t say the same! #ByeFelicia!

Oh and by the way, I have NEVER called myself a SOCIALITE or a DALLAS ICON! I prefer to live in the REAL WORLD!”

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  • Rich Old Goat

    I am sure LeeAnn was a he…..

  • Jake

    She reminds me of Danielle Staub… Same voice, same ridiculous superiority complex. Vile & rude too

  • Aunt Bee

    Don’t wat the show but just reading this she sounds like Kenya. Y U C K

  • patricia

    I really like Cary. I think LeeAnn is fooling herself. She is not that important. She’s not the social police. And I don’t think they asked for her advice. LeeAnn does act like she is jealous if you don’t do exactly what she says. These are grown women. I think they can make up their own minds. LeeAnn acts like a brat.

  • Misty K

    Lee ann reminds me of my aunt the same better then everyone knows it all attitude