LeeAnne Locken and Marie Reyes React to Their Argument on RHOD


This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas was an explosive one. The ladies enjoyed their girls trip in Austin and seemed to be enjoying a nice evening, until LeeAnne Locken and Marie Reyes had a heated discussion over who really spilled the beans about LeeAnne’s “accident,” that was revealed earlier this season.

Locken was unusually quiet throughout the dinner during the episode, but she had a lot to say on Twitter after the show aired. “I just want to straight out of the gate say I want you to know that tonight’s behavior is not who I am, and it’s not how I like to behave,” LeeAnne said in a video posted on Twitter Monday. “I’m not proud of tonight, at all.”

But LeeAnne still thinks it’s “sad that some chose to focus on my reaction & not the betrayal that caused it.” “Tonight came from over a year of being betrayed by someone who I’d given my heart to,” she explained. “So what you saw as anger was actually a tremendous amount of pain and heartache and a lot of suffering.”

Marie Reyes said her fight with LeeAnne “was scary, heart wrenching and emotionally catastrophic” on Twitter.

She later continued, “It’s obvious I look wounded in this scene – this is because it was hard for me to believe a friendship of 20 years could be destroyed over a false rumor and argument,” Marie tweeted Monday.

LeeAnne also wrote that she not only felt betrayed by Marie during the episode, but she also felt like Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber turned their back on her as well. But Marie stands by what she says that she didn’t spread the rumor about LeeAnne and even pointed the finger at Tiffany… “I never once said anything about @LeeAnneLocken pooping in a bag in the back of a car. Wonder where that came from (@TiffanyHendra) #RHOD”

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8 Replies to “LeeAnne Locken and Marie Reyes React to Their Argument on RHOD”

  1. It seems that every week we get the same defense from Leeann how this is not how she behaves. This woman is really, really messed up.

  2. This Leann is full of excuses and half apologies. She keeps saying this is not who Shen i, but keeps repeating her behavior. LEANN POOPED IN A BAG– GET OVER IT

  3. Totally believe Tiffany is behind this “betrayal”….she has been exposed on TV as a two-face and fence jumper.

  4. I wish there was a “LIKE” button like FB and it had expressions. Sometimes I just want to agree with someone with an expression.

  5. I think LeAnne’s (and anyone for that matter) explosive temper when threatened (fearful) and ‘made to feel less than’, in her mind, is a fair gauge to just how damaged she is. I feel for her. I think she needs big time help with a lot of issues.

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