LeeAnne Locken Explains How She Became Friends With Brandi Redmond

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Dallas were also shocked by Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman’s feud. LeeAnne Locken is opened up about her new friendship with Brandi in an interview, revealing that she was also shocked to hear that the two friends weren’t speaking.

“I don’t really think I feel ‘stuck.’ I feel like I have been put in a position where I am responsible for everyone’s safety and health, and to make sure that people do not get hurt in a way that cannot be fixed. It is difficult for me, because last year, Stephanie was really overloaded with Marie [Reyes] with a ton of negative things about me. She still struggles letting go of that. Based on that, you definitely see the division,” Locken told The Huffington Post. “I actually ran into Brandi last year on her birthday and she really just started to open up to me. She was crying and started telling me what had been going on with she and Stephanie. I looked at this as an opportunity to take her under my wing and show her that this is how we deal with issues like this as adults, here is what I would do, I am a shoulder to lean on, things like that. I just wanted to show her what a mature female friendship was really like.”

LeeAnne was also shocked by the feud. “I agree it definitely is jarring, that is for sure. It was also jarring to hear Brandi crying on the phone while she told me what had been going on. That was heartbreaking for me,” she said. “Even though Brandi and I have behaved probably the worst on the show to each other, I still feel, that as an empathetic and compassionate person, a certain amount of sorrow that she was sad. I will say that you are really going to love this journey.”

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