LeeAnne Locken Confronts Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas the ladies went to a male strip club for a girl’s night out and Brandi Redmond got wild when she got on stage to dance with one of the strippers.

“Brandi is going balls to the wall. No pun intended,” Cary Deuber said of Redmond’s dance moves.

Later in the episode Cary and her husband Mark invited Tiffany Hendra and her husband Aaron over to tour of her closet for Tiffany’s blog Sanctuary of Style. It is revealed that Mark has organized Cary’s closet over the years.

“Thank god for him,” Cary says. “Without him I would dress like a hobo.”

“Really, my closet…” Mark insisted.

The two couples start to build a friendship, which is going to lead to some drama for somebody in the future…

Next, LeeAnne and Tiffany meet up and talk about the Mad Hatter’s event. LeeAnne is still talking about the poop hat because, “In Dallas, you’re guilty by association.”

However, later we see Tiffany telling her husband that she would like to befriend Cary and Stephanie because Cary’s the “best” and who wouldn’t want to be friends with her?

“LeeAnne doesn’t really get along with Cary,” Tiffany tells her husband, while he replies, “Does LeeAnne get along with anyone, except you?”

Tiffany winds up telling LeeAnne that she hung out with Cary, who was shocked.

“I hate drama. That’s why there’s a door on the front of my house. You got drama, you stay out,” Locked said.

“LeeAnne saying she doesn’t like drama is like Charlie Sheen saying he doesn’t like hookers,” Tiffany notes.

Meanwhile, Brandi’s husband is not happy about her behavior at the strip club and the tension in her marriage is growing because of Bryan’s time spent working and traveling. Also, Redmond learned something about her grandpa. Brandi was led to believe that her grandfather had shunned her mom when she had Brandi as a teenager, but it turns out the rift was the product of Brandi’s grandparents’ divorce. Now, her grandfather wants to connect with her and Bryan can’t be there for when she meets him for the first time because he will be out of town.

Lastly, LeeAnne invites Cary and Stephanie to lunch. She insists she’s not there to tell them how to live their lives but “to explain the process of earning your wings.” Locken brought the piece of plastic poop with her and explains why it was not appropriate. She even read a blog post about Brandi’s hat.

“Why are you acting like this Dallas socialite? You have to be born into that,” Cary asks LeeAnne, who doesn’t agree with the statement. Locken told the ladies they should treat her with respect because she is 10 years older. LeeAnne says she isn’t going to fight with Cary and Stephanie but then calls Cary a bitch and storms out of the restaurant.

What did you think of the episode? Whose side are you on?

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