LeeAnne Locken Believes Brandi Redmond Acts Like a Child


LeeAnne Locken is taking to her blog to share her opinions about last week’s episode of the RHOD. Locken says Brandi Redmond needs to stop behaving like a child, discusses the email she received from Stephanie Hollman and weighs in on the poop hat situation.

“When Stephanie Hollman sent me her apology email I felt like I was dealing with an adult. Someone who see’s a problem and approaches it head on. I both appreciate and am grateful for those kinds of interactions. I did feel Brandi Redmond owed me an apology. To begin any conversation with “You are selfish for sharing your story of being molested as a child” is just flat out mercilessness! I can’t imagine approaching a “victim” of any tragedy and telling them they are selfish!! Of all the people I have spoken to from domestic violence shelters to attendees of gala’s raising funds for their clients- SHARING MY STORY HELPS!!

Mad Hatters is THE MOST AMAZING annual Spring Event!! The beauty of the ladies, the attire, the hats! OH the HATS! Mad Hatters was founded BY women, FOR women and with the HELP of WOMEN! The Women’s Garden is an incredibly amazing place where mothers can take their daughters and have afternoon tea! This event is the ULTIMATE CELEBRATION of what women can do when they come together for the greater good! I am PROUD of these women and their 27 years of dedication and devotion to this event and this garden!

When Tiffany told me that Brandi showed up with “crap” on her hat, sadly I wasn’t shocked! Brandi, while she loves to claim that I CRAVE attention, is actually seeking attention with this hat! She is like the child who miss behaves simply to get attention. GROW UP!! This event is for children unless they are well behaved and have manners! It’s why you rarely see them there.

Why did I take my time to express what was happening at the event? Well, if something smells like crap it usually is! I also wanted to see their assessment of the situation. If they had laughed and said that is hilarious I would have adjusted my attitude. I am NOT the be all end all of the charity world. They have been attending much longer then me and know a lot more of the ladies how they would feel about it. Once being found correct in my assessment, I sit down and enjoy my lunch with the adults at my table!

Oh, and none of “that crew” were invited to annual “after party” either. Again, it’s an ADULT ONLY private party. Tiffany and I had even more fun there!!

BTW- You can only poke at a bear so long before bad things happen! Please keep that in mind for next week!”

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  • Naynay

    Yawn, wake me when it’s over

  • One Rotten Egg

    At least Brandi wore crap only on her head; she is not full of crap, like Leanne.

  • Miss Moneypenny☂

    I have semi followed this show the last two episodes to check it out. It really does have potential, I am interested enough to tape the show and try and decipher the characters and storylines. The little bit I have gathered about Leanne is she seems a little insecure *to me* which I think fuels her urgent need to be the town crier of policy and etiquette with her charit work. I’m not going to poke fun of her carnival upbringing, cause there’s nothing wrong with that at all. She learned some street smarts no doubt in her early life and it’s part of her fabric. At the same time, she’s probably so militant about keeping her garden hat show on the up and up because of her desire to change her profile to society lady because she probably doesn’t want anyone flowing around so to speak on her watch. She’s rejecting her early life and the stigma attached and she just doesn’t need to. She shouldn’t be ashamed, and if her friend can get through to her and help her lighten up, she’s a fireball and funny and can be fun to watch. So if she were my friend I’d tell her that. She doesn’t need to be freaked out over someone else’s shitty hat. Relax. It’s all good. I’m sure she sees a little of her old self in Brandi as well and is punishing her for it. She needs to take a look at that imo.

  • Michelle

    My first thoughts o the blog were……blah blah blah blah.
    And Miss Moneypenny, I think you’re quite right.