LeeAnne Locken Attacks the Bravo Cameras


The drama was on fire on Monday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas. After throwing a champagne glass at her co-stars, LeeAnne Locken kept the drama going by attacking Tiffany Hendra and the Bravo camera crew.

This week when Locken stormed out of the cocktail party after throwing a champagne glass, her friend Tiffany Hendra followed her.

“I’m done,” Locken screamed at Hendra for making her confront Redmond. “You stood there and coordinated that. You don’t have my back.”

“I’m in your face right now to tell you I’ve got your back!” Hendra responded. Tiffany then pushed LeeAnne and yelled, “I’ve had your f**king back when everyone talked s**t about you and I stick up for you every f**king time.”

LeeAnne told Tiffany to stop screaming at her in front of the cameras and when Hendra wouldn’t listen Locken started hitting the cameras so they would stop filming her. “Stop it,” she screamed at the Bravo camera. “Do you hear me? I’m done!”

“I don’t want your f**king help!” she then yelled at Tiffany.

Brandi Redmond said of the fight, “She is a crazy b***h… She lost it!”

Later at a charity event, the two were able to make up when Locken apologized for her behavior to Tiffany. “We love each other. We are a safe haven for one another. I’m sorry I yelled at you like that,” Hendra said after LeeAnne apologized to her.

“I’m always going to be in her corner… I’m always going to be team Tiffany and she’s always going to be team LeeAnne because for so long we were all each other had,” Hendra said in her interview.

Watch the clip below.

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Photo Credit: Bravo



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