LeeAnne Locken Attacks the Bravo Cameras


The drama was on fire on Monday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas. After throwing a champagne glass at her co-stars, LeeAnne Locken kept the drama going by attacking Tiffany Hendra and the Bravo camera crew.

This week when Locken stormed out of the cocktail party after throwing a champagne glass, her friend Tiffany Hendra followed her.

“I’m done,” Locken screamed at Hendra for making her confront Redmond. “You stood there and coordinated that. You don’t have my back.”

“I’m in your face right now to tell you I’ve got your back!” Hendra responded. Tiffany then pushed LeeAnne and yelled, “I’ve had your f**king back when everyone talked s**t about you and I stick up for you every f**king time.”

LeeAnne told Tiffany to stop screaming at her in front of the cameras and when Hendra wouldn’t listen Locken started hitting the cameras so they would stop filming her. “Stop it,” she screamed at the Bravo camera. “Do you hear me? I’m done!”

“I don’t want your f**king help!” she then yelled at Tiffany.

Brandi Redmond said of the fight, “She is a crazy b***h… She lost it!”

Later at a charity event, the two were able to make up when Locken apologized for her behavior to Tiffany. “We love each other. We are a safe haven for one another. I’m sorry I yelled at you like that,” Hendra said after LeeAnne apologized to her.

“I’m always going to be in her corner… I’m always going to be team Tiffany and she’s always going to be team LeeAnne because for so long we were all each other had,” Hendra said in her interview.

Watch the clip below.

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  • Suze☕️

    I haven’t watched this as have read comments but it seems really classy!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha Suze! You just made me laugh out loud and I’m delirious! Hope you’re having fun with your family!! Soak in the love! Xoxoxo

      • Anonymous

        Why am I anonymous? Oh we’ll probably bc I need to focus on school. It’s deedee ❤️❤️

  • Bon Vivant

    I’m not up to speed on this franchise, but had the episode prior to this one this playing as background noise & looked up just in time to see what all the hubub was about: apparently the gaggle of girls were gathered together at an event where someone panted a rumor that LeeAnn went to the toilet on herself (#2)…I’m guessing that it’s some kind of “telephone” rumor going back to when that mean little redhead wore that feces decorated hat to the opening charity event of the season, then as a joke removed a plastic turd and sat it on a seat at one of the dining tables. LeeAnn was pretty angry about that, and confronted the neredowells at a seperate lunch about disrespecting the charity and other attendees with those shenanigans. I just guessing (because I have’t gotten to this latest episode), but it appears the Plasti-turd Scandal has now somehow evolved into runaway gossip around local social circles that LeeAnn pooped herself in public? Fast forward to this current event where all the women are breathing life into the rumor publicly and snickering behind LeeAnn’s back much to her embarrassment, and later, rage.

    LeeAnn may be a people pleasing social climber, that’s a fair enough assessment- but these other girls have a very malevolent, uncultured streak about them that has no redeeming value whatsoever. I can almost empathize how having to ENDURE them might get someone riled up: their behaviors are dreadful and their intentions are even worse.

  • Rain

    Oh my!! I don’t watch the show but unfortunately watched this slip! Don’t know wether to laugh or be upset . Thanks again bravo , once again you take us deeper into the rabbit hole :). Kudos to me for not getting sucked into this one LOL

    • kt

      I watched first two or three…and DONE! I have a few friends in Dallas and they are embarrassed. All of these ‘ladies’ are wanna be’s. I can’t believe Bravo would put this trash on air.

      • Rain

        I’m sorry kt :). They are running out of ‘classy ‘ women to put on these shows! Any rich women with dignity , know that signing on for these shows, means dragging your family through the mud, so they stay clear. I would never want to be on these shows and have people come at you and throwing wine at you . But I don’t ever remember a HW attacking a camera man before, that may be a first. But don’t be embarrassed kt, If they ever had a SF HW, they’d probably pick the hipster chicks with hairy legs and bushy armpits :). ❤️❤️❤️

        • kt

          Rain…hairy legs and bushy armpits – ewwww!!! I needed a laugh, thank YOU!
          As a TX girl who – shoots guns, dresses up in formals, rides horses and Harley’s, gets pedi’s, loves football and expensive purses – these girls are like no one I know!!!

          • Rain

            Oh you ride Harleys?? 🙂 all thsoe vibrations don’t throw you off balance LOLOLOL I kid, I kid! ❤️❤️❤️ I’d be having such a ‘when Harry met Sally ‘ moment . But yes, these chicks ( some not all of course) confuse me! Their rationale is that they want to be ‘natural’ and why would she do this and why would she do that ? Hmmmm, maybe because you’re not a Chubaka !!! And the no deodorant thing is Just WRONG. But hey, to each her own… right? I salute the man who’s willing to go Tarzan in that jungle 🙂

            • kt

              Yes ma’am!!! Used to be just the back warmer, LOL. And you know you’d love the vibrations!!!!!! ewww…just ewww a Chubaka with no deodorant…barf…and no in this instance not to each their own – cause that smell can’t be contained to just themselves.

              • Rain

                So funny kt!!! When you ride solo, you should get a t shirt and do a play on that expression and have it say ‘ if you can read this, HE must’ve fallen off’ .. I think that’s how it goes lol

                • kt

                  HAAAAaaaaa!!! The ‘bitch’ fell off! I’m joking my hubs is not the bitch I am! ;0) It’s quite funny the looks we receive – from both sets of the crowd, we don’t fit the ‘typical’ biker type. But, ask us if we care…hell to the no!

                  • Rain

                    Good for you guys!! I always say, as long as my husband and I are ok with it, that’s all I care about. But now that my kids are older, I guess I care about their snotty option 🙂 ❤️❤️


    I don’t watch this one but it seems they found another handful of “classy” women…. No thanks. I’ll watch reruns of Diagnosis Murder instead.

  • Daisy

    Even my biker friends find these ladies low class. That says it all for me

  • Anonymous

    she’s a looney

    • Coochie-Coochie

      Exactly…and on top of that she doesn´t take her meds

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    I thought this garbage had already been cancelled..

  • ThereThey’reTheir

    Pigeon-toed trailer trash.