LeAnn Rimes Threatening To Expose Brandi Glanville!

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville has a new message for LeAnn Rimes, and it’s not to STFU! B is telling LeAnn to “bring it on,” as LeAnn and her pals are threatening to expose “huge huge things” on Glanville. RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that Brandi doesn’t care what LeAnn and her “camp” think of her and Brandi is continuing to promote her newly released memoir which is already doing very well!

“Brandi doesn’t really give a crap what LeAnn and her team think they have on her,” a source tells Radar. “She’s tired of LeAnn trying to play the victim card and quite honestly, she thinks it’s pathetic.”

LeAnn’s friend, and songwriter, Darrell Brown said in a statement, “The stuff Brandi has pulled and that Eddie and Le have protected her on for the sake of kids. Woof. Huge huge things.” The insider reveals, “That’s such bullsh*t!”

“If LeAnn and Eddie had something to say about Brandi they would have said it by now. But there is nothing and they’re just trying to create drama and get attention.”

Do YOU think LeAnn has something to expose about Brandi or is she just wanting the attention taken away from Brandi and her book release?

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6 Replies to “LeAnn Rimes Threatening To Expose Brandi Glanville!”

  1. Of course they do. The sad part is, Brandi has no class, so whatever they have to say wont effect her. She really needs to learn from Lisa. Lisa basically told Kyle to STFU with class on Mondays episode.

  2. I think Leann is so pathetic treating the mother of her husbands kids like this in public! What about Eddie not protecting his kids mother from this? Brandi was wronged period. There was a marriage there was children, there should have been responsibility.. This is all so childish & sad….

  3. LeAnn is the villain here. No matter what. You don’t break up a family and then flaunt it as she’s done and garner any sympathy.

  4. LeAnn is white trash with money…slut who broke up a marriage and if wont even begin to tell you what i think of Eddie…slime under the foot of a pig at his trough …they deserve each other

  5. LeAnn has to know that not only is she leftovers, but he married down; Brandi is a beautiful, sexy model, and we’ll, LeAnn, just isn’t. I hate to say it, but regardless of how little grace Brandi has under pressure, she is still classier than any words that could come out of that skank LeAnn’s mouth.

    Eddie WILL cheat again. He’s a serial cheater. He won’t know how to stop until he gets caught, then what’s poor little ole LeAnn supposed to do?

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