LeAnn Rimes Talks Twitter War With Brandi Glanville!

Brandi Glanville

LeAnn Rimes is speaking out about her on-going “Twitter War” with Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star, Brandi Glanville. According to LeAnn, the war on Twitter is very “one-sided.” LeAnn tells Entertainment Tonight, “It’s a very one-sided war,” but she confesses to occasionally writing tweets that she then deletes without sending, just to get things off her chest. “At least I have a filter.”

When ET asked LeAnn if Brandi is a “bully” on Twitter she replied, “I really shouldn’t answer that question.” LeAnn continues to act innocent in her participation in the feud and says, “I hope we can work it out. Life would be a lot calmer for everyone.”

Yes, LeAnn, it would. But weren’t you just photographed in a t-shirt to stir up controversy? Don’t play the victim please… (Sorry guys, you know I rarely give my opinions, I just have no tolerance for this woman.)

UPDATE: Brandi tweets and thanks “a certain someone” for boosting her book sales! Brandi tweeted, “Every time a certain someone does another interview my book pre-sale’s sky rocket! Thankyou! #Careet <3”


Photo Credit: Getty Images