LeAnn Rimes Talks Twitter War With Brandi Glanville!

Brandi Glanville

LeAnn Rimes is speaking out about her on-going “Twitter War” with Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star, Brandi Glanville. According to LeAnn, the war on Twitter is very “one-sided.” LeAnn tells Entertainment Tonight, “It’s a very one-sided war,” but she confesses to occasionally writing tweets that she then deletes without sending, just to get things off her chest. “At least I have a filter.”

When ET asked LeAnn if Brandi is a “bully” on Twitter she replied, “I really shouldn’t answer that question.” LeAnn continues to act innocent in her participation in the feud and says, “I hope we can work it out. Life would be a lot calmer for everyone.”

Yes, LeAnn, it would. But weren’t you just photographed in a t-shirt to stir up controversy? Don’t play the victim please… (Sorry guys, you know I rarely give my opinions, I just have no tolerance for this woman.)

UPDATE: Brandi tweets and thanks “a certain someone” for boosting her book sales! Brandi tweeted, “Every time a certain someone does another interview my book pre-sale’s sky rocket! Thankyou! #Careet <3”


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  • Lisa

    Oh boy Leann is getting delusional now. I guess her mental state is definately deteriorating as everyone predicted. Anyone who follows in the Twitter world can plainly see Brandi is not involved in this revolution. Brandi is certainly much more mature and level headed. Brandi only plays kiddie games with her kids. She may not care for Leann but she certainly would not tweet hurtful misleading comments. The jabs and stabs continue to come from Leann. It’s pretty pathetic but it’s all Leann has in her arsenal. Leann is playing like a teenager and she’s not playing very nice. Being a mean girl in her own little way, anyway she can. I think Leann feels insecure about herself and it hurts her deeply when she sees how beautiful Brandi is. Brandi may have a potty mouth which she is working on everyday but if anyone attempts to verbally harass , intimidate or annoy her, you had better take cover. Brandi is a mother. A mother translates to warrior. You can try to knock her but you will never succeed. Brandi has too much self esteem and resilience. She is a fantastic mother and a truly honorable human being. The best friend anyone could have. She will be there for you. Just don’t cross her.

  • Anonymous

    Leann is obsessed with Brandi.She does it with those kids to get to Brandi.She should enjoy her man before he dies her like he did Brandi if he hasnr already.

  • Carol

    Leanne To Be Obsessed With Brandi Sounds Crazy To Me..Sorry. Brandi Is Classless And Needs To Grow Up And Get A Diary..STOP Using Twitter As One. Can’t Wait For Her 15 Mins Of Fame To Be OVER. I Can’t Wait Till Lisa Pisses Her Off For Whatever Dumb Ass Reason And She Starts Hitting Below The Belt Like She Always Does And See How Lisa Will Feel And I Love Lisa She’s My Favorite But Her Friendship With Brandi Just Something I Wish Never Happen. Lisas For The Under Dog..As Am I But This Unfiltered/Classless Brandi I Wouldn’t Mess With. Everytime Anyone Says Oh What Did Adrianne Do To You.Oh The Lisa Take Down..Is That ALL You Got To Go Out And Tell Her Personal Stuff. She Admits Her Husband Cheated Way Before Leanne..Get Over It Brandi Get Another Story Line Then My Husband Cheated And Left Me So I Drimk And Take Antidepressants And Sleep Around..Sadly. Leannes Been Famous For Years And Will Be For Many More…Move On Brandi And Please Get Some CLASS That Truck Driver Mouth Is Discusting.

  • Little Lulu

    Carol, every word doesn’t need to be a capitol letter, fyi! As for leann, if not for Brandi, she would still be someone who was known years ago that everyone has forgotten until someone mentions her name. The album she wrote based on her adulterous affair with Brandi’s ex is not even known or mentioned in the media. Leann, sorry dear, but you are a has been, and I’m sure the only reason Eddie is still with you is because of the money when you were a child star….no money, no Eddie. Hope you keep tabs on Eddie, because a cheater never changes, they only get worse and I pity you.