LeAnn Rimes Says Brandi Glanville Uses Their Feud To Boost Her Career!


The feud between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes has been brought back into the media as LeAnn is promoting her new album ‘Spitfire’ which debuted with weak numbers on the charts. LeAnn stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, and of course Brandi’s name came up in the interview.

“Brandi talks mess, and you talk mess. One of you has to be big enough to stop,” Wendy told LeAnn. “I talk truth,” LeAnn insisted. Wendy asked, “Will you ever just leave it alone?”

“I would love that. Even though I approach this topic on this record, I approach it at no one else’s expense but mine. This is from my point of view, my feelings, and I’m not pointing out names, pointing fingers,” LeAnn said. “But I feel like sometimes it’s used for, on the other side, maybe a little bit for a career. So therefore until that stops, until that storyline stops, I don’t think it will stop.”

“Do you realize that if you ignore your haters, eventually they will just go away?” Wendy asked. “Right, no. That’s not true,” LeAnn insists. “Because girl, I have done that. Both people have to want to change, and you can’t change someone else unless they actually want it.”

LeAnn also answered questions about being a step-mother and how she was portrayed in Brandi’s book. Watch the video below!

Photo/Video Credit: Wendy Williams