LeAnn Rimes Cries In Interview With Giulianna Rancic Talking Affair With Eddie Cibrian!

After all the publicity involving Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes, and Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn is speaking out in an E! Special: LeAnn Rimes, in which she sits down with Giuliana Rancic in an interview where she gets very emotional while she reflects on her affair with Eddie Cibrian, and the pain and suffering it caused.

LeAnn met Eddie Cibrian in a TV movie called Northern Lights. LeAnn says her first impression of Eddie walking onto the set was, “I think I was intimidated, I stuck out my hand to shake his hand and he immediately hugged me. I was like okay… this is interesting.” LeAnn goes on to say that 40 minutes into meeting Eddie the director wanted to see them kiss. “Eddie and I have a connection that a lot of people will not understand,” she tells Giuliana.

LeAnn says during filming Northern Lights NOTHING happened between she and Eddie off-set. Once the movie wrapped, they started seeing each other in secret. “We didn’t want to hurt anyone, but all I knew is that we couldn’t stop connecting, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life.” LeAnn goes on to tell Giuliana that she tried to stop it many times, but their connection was undeniable.

In March 2009 LeAnn’s affair with Eddie was leaked to the press. In August, Eddie filed for divorce from Brandi. Four months later, Dean filed for divorce from LeAnn. LeAnn and Eddie married on April 22nd, 2011.

While Brandi’s son’s Mason and Jake are NEVER allowed to be shown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, E! showed pictures AND video footage of Brandi and the boys multiple times. Below the video, I shared some of the pictures E! showed during the special. Brandi was angered by this and tweeted, “My kids can be on a E news special but apparently not in the background of the show I am on? Amazing!”

When Giuliana asked LeAnn if she had any regrets, LeAnn replied, “I don’t like the word regret. I wish I handled it differently because I wish it could have been better for me, for Brandi, for Dean (Rimes’ ex-husband), for Eddie, and for everyone else. I know, in this situation, it’s going to take some time. All I wish is that everyone that was hurt, that we hurt, that I hurt, can be happy.”

She also defends herself, saying, “You can’t break what’s broken.” As she’s referring to marriages that she’s insinuating were already broken before the affair.

When Eddie appears towards the end of the interview he speaks about their “connection” as well, calling it “undeniable,” and tells Giuliana what a big heart LeAnn has. He also spoke about LeAnn getting the worst of the bad press through the affair, and still to this day. He says his heart goes out to her, and it’s “unfair.” He says “it is what it is, what happened, happened, it isn’t frivolous.” He continues to say that it happened for a reason, and they are together, and that shockingly to a lot of people they are STILL together. He also added, “There’s always going to be somebody continuing the drama, for drama sake.”

As more footage of Mason and Jake are shown with Eddie and LeAnn, Eddie says, “I’m a better father for everything that has happened.”

Wrapping up the interview, Giuliana asks where LeAnn will be in ten years, she answers, “Eddie and I would love to have kids, I would love to be a mom, I’m already a step-mom to two kids half of the time, and I love doing that.”

In the clip below, which you can barely understand what LeAnn is saying, she explains, “No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt was put into our decision.”


I’m dying to know what you guys think of this?!

Photo/Video Credit: E!


7 Replies to “LeAnn Rimes Cries In Interview With Giulianna Rancic Talking Affair With Eddie Cibrian!”

  1. It sounds that, she wants them “all” get along for the children sake. If Brandi
    and LeAnn cannot see eye to eye do it for the children sake.

  2. I would think the best thing for her is to stay out of the lime light, stay off twitter, and stay away from other ladies’ husbands…….

  3. Interesting how one can cry without shedding actual tears. LeAnn’s crying was fake… I had a hard time watching bc she can’t even complete a sentence intelligently. She said their connection was so strong it couldn’t be denied so they gave into their desires and destroyed many lives. Wow!!! What happens the next time Eddie has a strong connection with his leading lady? Should he give into that too? because it will happen. Give it time.

  4. What was Eddie thinking? or any man who cheats on his wife they seem to always…down grade to a lower less competent person. Why? does it always look like Leann is sucking on a Lemon…Brandi is soooo Beautiful!

  5. I dont care who the characters are, YOU DO NOT CHEAT! Its BS, Leann and Eddie knew every minute what they were doing. Do you think that we’re stupid? That none of us have been in that situation? YOU DONT DO IT, YOU SAY NO, YOU SAY ITS WRONG, you tell the other person to talk with their spouse not you, if you dont, its a slippery slope. I dont care how in Lust you are, you get help in your marriage, talk to your spouse, then when everything is said and done, BOTH partners have tried 100%, everyone is satisfied that the marriage will not work, divorce. Vows are,” for better or worse”, not if something better comes around. How dare Rimes try to convince us of she is anything but a home recker because if someone is married you say no (Eddie too). Nothing good comes out of bad, you just watch the future. Shame on you, and you too Giuliana, God forbid it happens to you. No one has the courage to do the right thing anymore.

    1. really so everyone who has trouble marriages,its ok to cheat NOOOO u get a divorce,they snuck around because thery knew it was wrong,they are both scumbags and I cant wait til he cheats again and she feels what it feels like,karma is a b%&$#@

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