Lea Black’s New Handbag Collection

Lea Black

Real Housewife of Miami star Lea Black made her debut in the realms of fashion with the launch of Lea Black Handbags, and has now launched a new collection of Hollywood inspired vintage handbags. The collections are a reflection of Black’s signature and timeless style, with a range of items that are sure to bring glamour into your wardrobe.

The new introductions are named Vintage which features a crystal encrusted front panel, Hollywood with a heart shaped crystal and bead design and Icebox which is fully encrusted with crystal and will definitely be a showstopper! Vintage and Hollywood come in 3 color tones, black, gold and silver diamonds and retail for $295, while Icebox is available in solid black and a silver/gold duo retailing for $345.




All three collections, along with Lea’s extensive line of signature crystal clutches are now available for purchase and are sold exclusively online at the website listed above as well as at theworldofleablack.com, a one-stop umbrella for all of Lea’s brands, including her new skincare line, Lea Black Beauty and her many projects – Consequences Foundation, blogs and much, much more! Log on to enjoy Lea’s entertaining video on the inspiration for these new handbags, as well as her video commentary on style, home décor and beauty.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Lea Black


8 Replies to “Lea Black’s New Handbag Collection”

  1. Please, they are run of the mill humdrum bags. Nothing special, just like Black. She is mental. A narcissistic queen, developing multiple personality traits. Cheap bags, cheesy pillows and cheesy designer. What a joke. I want to buy Ana’s cookbook and cookware. Now that has substance!

    1. lydia , i think u just might be a little jealous of lea, not very becoming , she is a very giving woman, it really sickens me to hear another WOMAN knock their sisters, be happy ms lydia , and as for the handbags, if u have any taste at all, u would know better than to post that comment lydia, I THINK EVERY ONE OF HER BAGS ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS , BEST OF LUCK TO YOU MS LEA BLACK

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