Lea Black Speaks Out About Feud With Ana Quincoces & Marysol Patton! Plus- What Was in The Folder?


After a controversial Real Housewives of Miami Reunion, Lea Black is speaking out about her feuds with Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoces. Lea exclusively tells RumorFix’s, Mr. Housewife her side of the story in her feud with Ana Quincoces, and talks about the mystery folder that Bravo didn’t show. Lea also talks about her Season 2 feud with Marysol Patton, regarding Marysol’s  PR business and Lea’s infamous gala.

When Mr. Housewife (@realmrhousewife) at RumorFix asked Lea what happened between she and cast mate Ana Quincoces before the Reunion taping, Lea told RumorFix, exclusively, “Nothing other than her protecting and defending Marysol. This was all a surprise to me. She is auditioning to get back on the show. I guess she realized the audience thought she was boring so tried to take it up a notch at my expense.”

Lea also speaks on the documents Ana had in the folder that Bravo didn’t show. Click here for more on that, but Lea tells Mr. Housewife, “There are a lot of ‘rumors.’ No one wants to be the subject of false accusations. She made many false accusations, particularly about my relationship with my husband, and about my son.  No one wants to be subjected to lies like she spews. It is not my style and I won’t participate, but I do defend myself. She’s desperate for attention. Any type of attention. I’ve been in the public eye for years with my Sudden Youth infomercials, on HSN, having had international distribution of my beauty products, international infomercials, my husbands high profile cases, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, as a blogger for the Huffington Post, politics,  on and on. Enough information to fill up tens of folders.”

How did Lea feel about Ana saying she’s done most of her work “lying on her back?” Lea tells Mr. Housewife, “I have come to realize that this is all her own desperate attempt for attention and relevance. What kind of a woman would say that about a successful woman? Implying- a woman can only be successful by sleeping her way to the top. That is offense to all women.”

“When she criticized my husband and marriage (with things not even worth repeating, but quite ugly, very ugly and unfounded)  my reply was ‘Her husband has been trying to divorce her for two years (in his own words) s-**t rainbows’  over his new girlfriend.’ So she should worry about her marriage — not mine,” Lea adds.

Lea also addresses her feud with Marysol Patton. She tells RumorFix, “She came to us through Jason who runs the charity on a daily basis and asked for the job with the charity to run the red carpet at the 15th or so year of the Gala.  According to Jason, Marysol needed the money and couldn’t do it for free.  The hotel (a client of hers who happened to be contemplating letting her go when I called and asked, as a favor to Jason, that they keep Marysol on, and they did) agreed to put in their contract that they would pay for the red carpet services. Marysol’s group made some very big mistakes that year but when they asked for the opportunity again the following year – we decided that if the charity stood for second chances – we should give them one and we did. The next year we used a small portion of the sponsorship money to pay her as it was at a different hotel and we have the cancelled checks to prove it.  There were more mistakes the second year so we decided we couldn’t use them again. The charity, the sponsors, the volunteers, the celebrities, the donors, all complained about their work and I couldn’t risk the loss of any more charitable support if I hired them again.  The next year Bravo said they would film the gala (for season one of Real Housewives of Miami) and we brought in an LA firm that does Emmy, Grammy and Oscar events and volunteered to do the gala.  I agreed to let Marysol’s girl assist (without payment), because she didn’t want to be embarrassed during filming that we had an LA based firm instead of her.   Since then Marysol has put me in a terrible position of feeling like I need to constantly defend my life’s work with this charity. She has made comments on the show that the charity was disorganized and that she refused to work with the charity again. That was a lie and she had no reason to criticize the charity. She also continued to say bad things about the charity off of the show. In our defense of the charity, her deeds were revealed.  Rather than making nice, or shutting down the conversation- she bad mouthed the charity, and took no responsibility for the problems created by her firm, forcing the charity and- or me to defend ourselves and the charity volunteers.”

As far as Marysol saying her business legitimized Lea’s gala? Lea says,  “Its a line she rehearsed. She was involved with our gala two to three years out of 18 that I’ve been raising money for various foundations and causes.  Those years were the only years we had problems. Many more problems than I even disclosed. If I really wanted to hurt her business – I would have said a whole lot more. The problems I mentioned publically were the minor problems. What happened didn’t hurt her business, her handing of it on the show, may have affected her business – I don’t know. “The coverup is always worse than the crime,” as the saying goes.”

The Patton Group has been in business for 11 years. To check out Marysol’s PR Business, and some of the many clients she has worked with, click here.

Tell Us- Where do YOU stand? Whose side are YOU on?

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5 Replies to “Lea Black Speaks Out About Feud With Ana Quincoces & Marysol Patton! Plus- What Was in The Folder?”

  1. Lea is the best Housewife of all the franchises. She doesn’t take herself or the show too seriously.
    She’s so funny and a breath of fresh air.

    Her, Lisa, Adriana, and Mama Elsa are the only reasons I watch RHOM.

  2. Ana quotes “Heat in the kitchen and in the courtroom” and yes she is BORING…Lea or not. Not only is she boring but now we can add classless to her resume.

  3. Lea constantly trashing the other housewives is what makes her relevant. That’s why she does it. If Marisol was so bad why hire her again. Because Lea is a second chance charitable person? I think not. Her association with child molesters, rapists, ex-cons, etc. and calling them good people speaks of her character.

  4. Lea Black is so obsessed with fame and fortune she has no morals and to expose her son to such degrading circumstances shows her true lack of character. This woman has a past. Hopefully since she has chosen, or should I say begged to be back on the RHOM her past will be revealed. She spent the last two seasons rallying her troops to attack her counterparts. Well, this time I think people will not be so quick to jump to her command. She is a liar and is a hypocrite.

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