Lea Black Speaks About The Fate Of RHOM


A burning questions among Housewives fan is: Did Bravo cancel The Real Housewives of Miami? While the network has said no decision has been made yet, Lea Black is speaking out about the show’s fate in a new interview reported by RealityTea.

“Anybody that tells you they know for sure is sort of rumor mongering. Bravo hasn’t made any official announcements, so I’ll leave that to them. But Miami would only be so proud to showcase the city again,” Black says. “I want the show to come back, whether I did or not. It would depend on if I’m invited and when the filming would be. But I for sure love the brand, love the show, and love the franchise.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Lea Black Speaks About The Fate Of RHOM”

  1. Not a fan of Lea Black or RHOM. I hope they cancel it. I would like to see a new city added to the franchise like somewhere in the south or Chicago.

    1. I don’t really watch the Miami one, enjoy all the rest. Found that one to be boring. Johanna was the only one I even almost cared to watch. They need to start a new one in Denver, or Vegas, maybe Texas!

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