Lea Black, “Marysol Had No Right To Attack Me”


During the second part of The Real Housewives of Miami reunion, Marysol Patton and Lea Black continued their feud about whether or not Lea sent Elsa flowers and a card when she was sick. But, Lea Black is telling RumorFix’s, Mr. Housewife, that Marysol had no right to attack her and that she was just looking for a storyline.

“I reached out to Elsa many, many times right after I heard about her fall. I called her home and cell, even an office number I had, and sent many get well cards when no one answered or called me back,” Lea said. “I sent Marysol a text, which I showed to the viewers on the show, and she never responded to that either. I sent flowers twice, once to arrive the day she got home from rehab and the other on her birthday and, of course, have records of everything.”

“I kept hearing Marysol was telling people not to tell me about her mother’s fall,” Lea continues.
“I could never understand it until the attack. Then I concluded she was looking for reasons to come after me on the show. Three days after the reunion (was taped Marysol called me from Elsa’s cell phone and put her mother on the phone, prefacing it with, ‘Mom doesn’t know about any of the problems.’ I had a laugh and a giggle with her mother just like old times, and was relieved and thrilled to talk to her. We ended the call with us both saying we love you and talking about getting together for a laugh and giggle. Then Marysol got on the phone and acted like nothing had ever happened and said, ‘Oh, Mom got the flowers and the cards.’ They came when they came. I just let it go, even thought I thought to myself  Wow! After the attack and all that reunion drama, couldn’t she have said this three days ago? Or said it publicly months back? But that wouldn’t have been a moment for her on the show or for the reunion, would it?”

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2 Replies to “Lea Black, “Marysol Had No Right To Attack Me””

  1. OMG – who to believe? These women are so confusing. My head was spinning after watching this reunion. Andy needs to have more control and give everyone a chance to speak without the others butting in.

  2. While I agree you wholeheartedly, Aunt Bee, the problem too is that Marisol should not have appeared at the reunion with the ususal mama Elsa anlea controversy. Who flippings cares if lea lied or not! Who flipping caes if mama elsa and lea were true friends or not or whether lea did indeed send get well cards/flowers! Marisol is grasping at straws at this point! Now, I’m not sticking up for lea by no means, I loathe her, she’s too dang old to be involved in such petty drama. Now, if she wants Adrianna to repay her back for the child’s’ tuition, then take Adrianna to court, to have lea bring the same drama up everytime makes her irrelevant to the highest degree! Lea is too dang old to portray herself in such manner, she’s a sorry excuse for Miami and def. to her husband whom must be embarrassed by her high school antics. Now that’s a fact, jack! lol

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