Lea Black Lied About Plastic Surgery, Has Had Several Facelifts Claims Source


During her August 12th appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewife of Miami, Lea Black, admitted to having plastic surgery done on her neck, but RadarOnline reports Lea could be withholding the truth. The site reports Lea has had several facelifts and gets botox and fillers, not uncommon for a Real Housewife. “While she’s doing all the facelifts, I do know that she gets tons of Botox and fillers,” a source tells Radar.

“And she says she doesn’t because she has a skincare line,” the source adds. “She can’t close her eyelids. It’s really weird.”

“Everyone talks about the dramatic difference and often comment on why she doesn’t fix her saggy boobs she always has hanging out without a bra,” the source says.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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