Lea Black Insists She Reached Out To Elsa After Stroke


Lea Black is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to defend herself against accusations made by her cast mates. Lea insists she reached out to Elsa and explains why she believes Alexia stirred the pot. Lea is shocked by the amount of “hate and lies” the women spew towards her.

Lea writes, “This week exemplifies how far people will go for attention. Let me set the record straight on a few more false accusations and assumptions:

1. I never had any spiritual conversations or advice from Elsa other than Season 1 when she sat at a dinner table and gave all the girls her opinion on each of us. And by the way, she said nice things about me. And when Elsa was at my house Season 2 right after Leroy’s seizure, she was very comforting and sympathetic about my little sick dog, Leroy. I do recall educating her on cross dressing at my home one day! LOL! All of my communications with Elsa you have seen except for some hilarious and upbeat phone chats.

2. I was not scared of or running away from anyone at Alexia’s birthday party. I went and dropped off a gift for her and Herman, said my hellos, and was on my way. Then along came confrontation. I had made it clear I was just “stopping by” for a few minutes to share in their celebration and offer my support. Once again, I do not find it appropriate to have a confrontation in front of bystanders at a birthday party. Especially a contrived and unnecessary one. Alexia again prefers to gain points with the hate club rather than find out what is going on or give me the benefit of the doubt. And others will do anything for attention.  A simple acknowledgement for “taking away time from your son and husband again to support me and Herman and for the gift you dropped by” would have been what one might have expected?

3. I have reached out to Elsa many times with cards, calls, and flowers that can be verified by florists, and I sent an email to her daughter, who never replied back.

4. I did not use Alexia’s birthday visit as an opportunity to SELL my Lea Black Beauty line. I already had a gift for her and Herman prepared to drop off at their birthday party, and I did later that night. I gave her another gift (my Lea Black Beauty skincare) when I found out at the last minute she was stopping by. She was NOT INVOICED. The purpose of her stopping by was so we could confirm that she would model my Sudden Youth skincare facial for my up and coming skincare presentation, and I wanted to walk her through what to expect.  I thought the skincare gift was a nice token of appreciation for her willingness to model the Sudden Youth facial mask, and given the fact that it happened to be her birthday, it just seemed the gracious thing to do.

Thank you Lisa and Joanna for bringing a breath of authenticity and fresh air in the midst of phoniness and hatred.

Wow! The amount of camouflaged and blatant hatred, venom, lies, bitterness, and phoniness that spews out at me each week says more about anyone than I could ever say. Forgive them, they know not what they do.

It’s unfortunate you can’t go to a party of “friends” without being a target. Has anyone noticed that at both of Alexia’s parties I’ve attended to support my “friends” I left feeling there were practiced and pre-meditated attacks and insults waiting for me? Perhaps I should think twice about going out of my way and taking time away from the charity, my son, my husband, my home construction, and The World of Lea Black workload to support “friends.””

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  • Aunt Bee

    Lord a mighty, you are nothing but a walking, talking Lea Black commercial. Maybe there is a reason there are so many Lea Black haters out there. Take a good look at yourself lady.