Lea Black Insists Being Polite Does Not Make Her A Hypocrite


Lea Black is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami. Lea says Adriana and Frederic keep proving themselves to be liars and they are exposing themselves for what they really are. Lea also explains why she was polite to everyone at the Venue party. She says being polite does not make someone a hypocrite.

Lea writes, “Some people will do anything, including contrive stories for relevance, attention, or a story line to make someone they hate look bad. Bless those people — they need it the most. But other than a dishonorable mention, I won’t add energy to negativity, hate, and bitterness to them and their enablers and cheerleaders.

The “psychic” set up was as phony as the five year “engagement.”

Week after week I seem to be on everyone’s mind — I find it’s an unexpected consequence of hatred and quite amusing. Some people need to take a course in public relations — if you don’t like someone or what they say or do, ignore them. Otherwise you just make them more important. Or perhaps some people don’t have anything interesting to talk about?

While talking to Lisa, Adriana took talking in circles to the next level. Did any of you get dizzy during the spin?

Setting the record straight is not talking bad about people; I see it as defending the facts or defending myself when lies are said about me. That I will always do, and if the facts or behavior is bad, that’s not talking bad about someone, that’s stating the facts to clear up the lies, and sometimes the bad behavior gets exposed.

Frederic and Adriana have gone behind my back many times (since she joined the hate club because I didn’t “back her” when she slapped Joanna). They continue to try to turn my friends and people they met because of me against me with their lies.

Frederic has called me an evil bitch. He has never said one nice thing about me. He keeps telling his wife all the ugly things he wants to do to me and threatens me. And he has the nerve to say I talk about him. I could have confronted their backstabbing (when Frederic accused me of talking about him), but it would have just escalated the conflict, because they refuse to take any responsibility for their words or actions. I simply will not, especially during someone else’s party, compromise who I am to expose the backstabbers they are. They continue to expose themselves without any help from me.

Let me address the Venue Party. After Baoli’s and Lisa’s hope to have everyone make peace, I decided to I would go out of my way to be nice, friendly, and polite no matter how hard the haters would work at trying to make me feel uncomfortable or use me for more attention. I only went to support my friends Herman and Alexia. They asked me to come to support their magazine, and I agreed. There were many other things I could have been doing. My Gala was the next night and after leaving the party I still had 4-5 more hours of work with my team at the Fontainbleu. We worked until about 3:30 AM. But I said I would make every effort to go to their party and I wanted to keep my word.

You all saw the explosion between Romain and Frederic and then the attack by Adriana on Romain. To Joanna’s credit — she refused to escalate it when Adriana walked over and insulted her. All the conflict disrupted the party atmosphere. I have my own parties and the last thing I want is people fighting at them. A party is to have a good time, not a wrestling match. Instead of fighting with the troublemakers and haters, I tried to be diplomatic and nice. Being polite and not causing a scene with people even if you don’t like them isn’t hypocrisy, it’s simply being civilized and respectful to the host and their guests, and it’s called manners. I kept my promise to myself to simply be nice. So I held my tongue even though it was tempting not to. If I would have “snubbed” them, I would have been criticized for that. If I would have disagreed with anything any of them said, the hater pack would have piled on. You can’t win with unconscious people. I much preferred to be working on the Gala!

You could see they were all conspiring to bait me into a fight, but I refused to bite. I would rather act like a lady than a barroom brawler. And the shocking thing about it is Alexia daring to call me a hypocrite while I am trying to calm down the atmosphere instead of throwing gasoline on it. Rather than appreciate me wanting her party to be fun and fabulous instead of a brawl, she once again took an opportunity to take a pot shot at me. I find it surprising a host would insult one of their guests that way. Especially a friend whose heart was in the right place.
In all honesty, with the pressure of a lot of kids’ lives depending on a huge Gala in less than 18 hours, I just wasn’t interested in the petty conflict or hatred or gossip.
 I arrived at the time the invitation suggested. After waiting over an hour and a half for the host and hostess to arrive, I wanted to pay my respects and leave, my team was waiting on me at the Fontainbleu.”

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