Lawyer Claims Lisa Vanderpump Is Lying About Lounge Lawsuit, Has Photos To Prove It

Lisa Ken

Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd have been sued to halt the construction of their latest venue P.U.M.P. Lounge in West Hollywood. Lisa released a statement after the lawsuit, saying, “We had no prior knowledge of Ryan Carillo and Andrew Gruver or their claim.” But according to court papers, Carrillo and Gruver claimed they had a deal to partner with another businessman, Elie Samaha, to open a gay sports bar and restaurant called Bar Varsity on the site of the shuttered Java Detour, which is owned by Samaha and his brother.

But the deal went bad, when, according to the businessmen, Vanderpump and Todd entered into agreement and “intended to disrupt the performance of the (existing) agreement.”

“We took the lease in good faith seven months ago and all of our applications and notices have been posted publicly. Any issue will be between them and the property owner,” Lisa said in a statement regarding the suit.

But the Plaintiffs lawyer, Joe Adams, tells RadarOnline, “That statement as it pertains to the alleged lack of Ms. Vanderpump’s ’prior knowledge of Ryan Carillo and Andrew Gruver’ is false and misleading.” He continues, “The underlying fact is that Ms. Vanderpump has had extensive ‘prior knowledge’ of Mr. Carillo and Mr. Gruver prior to their filing of the above-referenced legal claim.”

He claims Gruver has hosted parties at SUR and has had a direct relationship with Lisa. “Ms. Vanderpump’s has indeed had ‘prior knowledge’ of Mr. Carillo as well, as evidenced by numerous photos and videos recorded at events in which Ms. Vandperpump and Mr. Carillo have extensively interacted,” Adams added.

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