Is Lauri Waring Peterson’s Granddaughter In Foster Care?


Lauri Waring Peterson originally appeared in The Real Housewives of Orange County from seasons 1-4 and now she is back as a “Friend of the Housewives” in Season 8. When we first met Lauri she was a single mother raising her three children; Ashley Zarlin, Josh Waring and Sophie Waring and she was  working for Vicki Gunvalson as an insurance agent. Lauri’s son Josh struggled with drugs throughout the show, even entering a juvenile detention center at one point. Lauri decided to quit the show in the middle of filming season 4 because Josh was having too many problems and she didn’t want the cameras to document their struggles.

We interviewed Lauri in February and she was happy to talk about how Josh was doing and his new family. “Josh is a new father to an adorable little girl born December 13th,” Lauri EXCLUSIVELY told us. “He and his wife Hannah of two years, named her Kennedy Caydence-Rae. She is gorgeous with a head full of hair and these amazing glowing blue-green eyes. Josh is so in love with her that it melts my heart to watch him with her. I believe he has found his purpose and will now understand unconditional love.”

According to A2SOnline, a few hours after Lauri’s granddaughter was born she suffered from heroin withdrawals. Lauri chose not to take custody of her grandchild, so the baby was given to the state. The site reports that Josh and his wife are not able to apply for custody of their daughter until they both complete a rehab program.

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  1. Wow…… I’ve heard rumors about Lauri’s grandchild being in the system and I’m glad the news is finally coming mainstream. Speaks volume about her character in my opinion.

    1. What character? I think maybe her new husband George did not want a heroin baby in the house full time. Let’s face it, he who makes the money, makes the decisions. But you are right about the character thing!

    2. This is disgusting but not surprising. She thinks she’s so hot and she’s not plastic bitch your supposed to be a mother first and your job doesn’t stop bc they are in their 20s my brother was on herion and my mom never turned her back on him ever and that baby was her blood now she’s an orphan nice you selfish pig news flash your hot girl days are over sit down and take care of your grand baby you dirty bitch I love. How she tried to make a come back on the housewives bitch nobody likes you

      1. Good job the poor child was taken away and not allowed to live in the Brady bunch house of dysfunction. Non of Lauris kids have any education, careers nor do they contribute anything of substance. They are as vapid and shallow as she is , Ashleys is nothing but a retweeting almost 30 year old party hag with a nothing but a famous reputation as a drinking party plaything. Joshuas story is tragic, abandoned and used by his mother to promote her sad fame grab, now hes a public liability dealing with his messed up past and any lack of a real future due to his fame whore mother, I do feel very sorry for him. I dont know to much about Sofia other than what I read and hear from other locals here in SJC but from what I see, her role models are her sister and her mother so what chance does she have. George is a complete jerk he has a terrible reputation in the area as a businessman, all you have to do is read his court docs and postings to see hes a meglamaniac and a bully. Good job that poor kid is not in that hell hole , shes better off with a loving normal family.

    3. Have you seen the recent arrest pictures of Josh Waring? He looks near to death from smoking meth. Such a tragedy that he was subjected to this “reality” at such a young age. While his fame ho mother is treble long the world and shopping for new shoes her son is slowly dying. She is oblivious to it, I read somewhere that her brother died an early death from a drug overdose also, history has a strange and sad way of repeating itself. She will no doubt spin it in to another 15 mins of fame. I can see it now” I tried everything but I couldn’t save him” while wearing her Channel sunglasses and CLBs while getting Botox.

      1. I would walk the Earth to make sure no Grandbaby of mine had anything but family to show him or her what unconditional love is and that I have a place in my heart that is yours only. How could anyone, rich or poor, let their own Grandchild just be put in any system at all or let anyone else make decisions about my son’s child. No matter what else is true, that seals it for me.

  2. Oh and if her sole purpose of coming back on the show is to dish dirt on Vicki she should prob recognize the skeletons in her own closet.

  3. This is so upsetting to me. Poor baby! Lauri makes me sick. She should be more concerned with her family rather than Vicki Gunvalson’s sex life.

    Vicki ADORES Baby Troy. She would never let him out of her family. Lauri is a wealthy woman. She could have easily taken her grand-baby temporarily. She is so selfish. This speaks volumes to me about her character.

  4. Sure you’d think a granparent would take custody of a child so it wouldn’t be in foster care but who are we to say lauri should’ve? Why anyone would get pregnant with a heroin addiction is beyond me & to make matters worse she evidently didn’t care enough to stop using while she was pregnant. Every article i’ve read about this pretty much just dogs lauri, what about the parents that didn’t care about the health of their unborn child? Does everyone think taking care of a heroin addicted newborn is a piece of cake? I seriously doubt it would be & maybe the baby is better off with someone that has experience with babies like this.

    1. Oh my God. So, since she is wealthy she could hire as many experts and nannies as she needs. A child needs to know there is someone in the world who loves them with the biggest love there is, that they are on your side and will always look out for you. I am sure it is difficult for LAURI or anyone to have an ill Grandbaby, but nothing is more difficult for a CHILD than to know it was thrown away. Even if she was poor, but she ISN’T. Unconditionally means there are no conditions and already no one has that for this little girl.

  5. I cannot fathom refusing to care for my baby grand daughter. I don’t have grandchildren yet but I would’ve jumped at the chance to take care of Lauri’s if given the opportunity. What kind of monster says no to their grandbaby and leaves her to live with some strangers? Just awful!

  6. Nik, are you 12? I have custody of my grandchildren. People on heroin do not think about anyone else but themselves, they can’t help it. People are upset with Lauri, because she won’t let her grandchild be part of “The Brady Bunch.” And her son is not on TV, it’s all Lauri. There is no way I would ever let anyone have my grandchildren. I can’t wrap my head around it.

    1. Nope im not 12, actually im 49 & we have a grandson that we have custody of also. My whole point about the parents of the baby WAS that they thought of noone but themselves. I can totally relate that i couldn’t imagine my grandson anywhere else but with us but maybe lauri just dont have it in her. Who really knows if she just turned her back on the baby & let it be put into the system. My grandson is 10 & wasn’t born addicted, i cringe at the thought of being in her shoes. If she can’t do it then she can’t do it & thank god for the people that open their homes to foster children.

  7. I think Lauri was correct in putting her grandchild in foster care. First, George is not Josh’s father.
    George also had problems with his own children.
    If the baby was with Lauri, it could be Josh and his wife might come back to keep seeing the baby. The baby also goes through with drawal symtoms, crying and could have neurological problems.
    It’s apparently Lauri is back on the show because she needs the money: for her 3 children, a son with
    drug problems and now a daughter in law and baby. I have a feeling the only father that took care of his child might be Sophie’s dad. Ashley is probably wandering too. Job? School?

  8. wowww i feel bad for her because i feel like what would u do in that situation but at the end of the day shes THE GRANDMOTHER LIKE STEP UP AND TAKE YOUR GRANDCHILD what was she afraid she would be ashamed? cmon thats blood. or is she unfit to take care of a child aswell?. i can not believe lauri has come back on this show to sew seeds of discord against vicki and she has so many things going on in her own life it doesnt look good lauri. used to love you now im disgusted with ur behaviour

  9. I have worked in child welfare for five years and two years interning. I wish more grandparents would say no. I don’t think they fully understand what is being asked of them when being asked to care for a grandchild. You need to first recognize that Laurie is being asked this because the child has experienced some form of abuse. Lord knows what problems this child might have. If her son never gets it together we are asking her to change her entire life. I could go on for days but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    1. I have custody of my gd. It was supposed to be temporary but as many of us find it easily becomes permanent. Ill never pass judgement because I am still raising teens and now have a 2 yr old as well. It is a tough situation .

    2. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill grandparent here. We’re talking a wealthy grandmother who could hire full time nurses to watch this child. It sounds more like Lauri doesn’t want anyone getting in the way of her agenda of bashing another cast member. I mean, she can’t devote so much time making crap up about the only person who gave a damn about her when she was broke and raising her kids if she’s busy caring for her grandchild now can she? Lauri is what disgusts me about the pretentious nonsense that seems to go hand-in-hand with self absorbed women. Get over yourself.

    3. if she didn’t want to be judged by the court of public opinion she should have stayed out of the public. She is the one that went on with her son having addiction problems.

    1. As a family member of Hannah’s I will say our grandmother tried to get custody of the baby. To little avail as people on heroin tend to be hard to track down. As for her parents, one tragically passed by the hands of the other’s partner. She’s had a pretty shitty childhood. I know because I was there.

  10. Of course Lauri refused to take on the responsibility of caring for her darling, innocent, granddaughter who has the same blood as her own running through the childs veins. Lauri’s, shady, hands off, negligent husband and father to his youngest daughter had her sent away for a second time in less than two years mid May, 2013. Nice way to spend a Sweet 16 time in her life. The first time Bria was sent away she was only 14. The only kid left at home is the child that has never disappointed Lauri, and that would be Sophie. George so far sent two kids away, one for a second time, kicked another minor out at age 17 because taking the necessary time to parent a child is not anywhere close to being a priority to this dad or his and Lauri’s obsession to return to Bravo TV with another agenda to support Lauri’s oldest daughter, Ashley Zarlin in an attempt to bolster attention her way.

    The Peterson’s have already encountered a rude awakening, and they have only themselves to blame. Big Mistake!

  11. It’s not Lauri’s child. She doesn’t owe her drug addict son anything let alone raise his child for him. Why isn’t anyone questioning his wife’s parents? Why didn’t they raise the child?

  12. I am not a fan of Lauri but has anybody considered that the child was better off with foster parents who have experience in caring for drug affected babies? If the child was with Lauri, Josh and his wife won’t have the same incentive to clean up their acts since they can still have access to the baby through Lauri. Since they will have to prove they are clean before they can reclaim their baby and if they truly love their daughter, they will double their efforts to clean up. A third party would be harder to cajole, intimidate or guilt into letting them have access to the baby while they are using. We know Lauri doesn’t have enough toughness when it came to her son.

  13. Lauri & George are/were very wealthy. I sure hope they’re footing some of the cost for their grand child. Have they seen the results of the average child that grows up in foster care?! Not very encouraging…….to say the least. So sad that Lauri doesn’t recognize that Josh’s problems are LARGELY due to her “wet noodle” disguised as a back bone and her egregious parenting skills. Guilt ALONE should move her to RESCUE her innocent granddaughter.

    Amazing how she couldn’t say no to Josh, or wash her hands of him.. But yet she’s totally capable of closing the door on poor Kennedy. If only she was this tough on Josh.

  14. Have any of you stopped to think for one second not every thing they post on the internet is true? I know for a fact Josh and Hannah do have Kennedy and are raising her themselves.. Sober & Clean as can be. I suggest everyone do some factual research since the subject is obviously so relevant to your lives you feel the need to say such cruel things about a FALSE article and bash on every one involved including the grandparents

    1. If Josh and Hannah followed Arizona State’s guideline, the state they fled to prior to their childs birth in order to avoid getting arrested according to California State law where Josh has a prior record, knowing the child would be born addicted to heroin, and if they were able to get clean, and stay clean for the time frame ordered by the court, then more power to them.

      So, to all of us “idiots” out here, many of us hope the parents are “Sober and Clean as can be” because it’s a fact that the grandparents allowed their granddaughter to become a ward of Arizona State and placed into Foster Care for her first 8 months of life. The child may still be in Foster Care.

      1. The baby NEVER was in foster care or taken by the state… you are an idiot because you believe/care soooo much about lies written in an article about people you don’t even know. Haha they didn’t flee from California. You have a wild imagination girl. Hannah, the mother of Kennedy, was sober her whole pregnancy. YOU are especially a joke hahaha.

        1. Actually the baby was born addicted to heroine. She is my husbands cousin and is staying with her grandmother. Their efforts to get clean have been minimal as there have been traces of drugs and drug paraphernalia in the grandmothers home. State would not release the baby from their care until Hannah and Josh have completed treatment.

          1. Arizona never took her. Which cousin are you married to? Regardless, the only information any of her cousins would have would be from the Internet and misinformed articles like this one. The baby was never taken by the state. They continue to have her in their custody every single day! I’m tired of repeatedly saying the same thing. .. I really don’t care what drama people buy into or the rumors that are pathetic but hysterical to read when you actually know the factual information. Funny to see what happens when bored people that don’t have a life of their own, live vicariously through reality tv and become beyond obsessed with not only the reality stars but their children, and then even their child’s child once they can’t come up with any new bull drama about the reality star so they go for a baby to be the next target, just to hope the new rumor will keep them semi relevant until they can think of the next ignorant story they’re going to put on the internet. Worry about your own issues instead of forming opinions based off of lies about someone that you’ve never met and have no business or right to intrude into their personal space. Before commenting such nasty things on a subject at least know what you’re saying is factual..

            1. STARS? Laughable! More like Reality Show idiots that drag their make believe lives, and their kids, and now granndkids through the mud along with them.

              The Peterson/Waring clan have so much crap they are unsuccessfully trying to hide making them look even more desperate. it is an absolute FACT that Lauri’s granddaughter born to Josh and Hannah was heroin addicted at birth, and for the first seven months was a ward of the state of AZ and in foster care.

              The Peterson’s, in their twisted world of unreality believe they are masters of deception, and then use the lamest stories to try to cover their tracks believing people will buy into their lame attempts to protect their extremely tarnished reputations. They are not fooling no one!

              I hear Josh was arrested on a domestic violence charge after attacking his wife recently in the state of AZ.

              Lauri does not have full custody of Josh’s child who was transferred to California and in the States care giving Lauri only limited visitation at Lauri’s request. No, no full time grand parenting for Lauri! Not in her nature!

              1. Can’t believe how everyone is dogging the grandparents! That’s exactly what’s wrong with the world! Young people are just pushing out babies & everyone else mops up! The ones at fault r the heroin addicts end of story! Grandparents r meant to support their children not bring their children up. Laurie made the right but very difficult decision in stepping back! If she had stepped in then it would b permenant & she knew that cause the heroin addicts would never even try to get clean cause mummy’s looking after OUR child!
                Well done lauri for putting the responsibility squarely back at the parents feet!

            2. Actually the info that i have is from having to help her grandmother clean up the destroyed house that Josh and Hannah left her with. Then they steal Hannahs grandmothers car and go back to Cali??? When we went to the grandmothers house to clean there were syringes and drugs all through that house. A beebee gun and holes shot in walls. This info is factual. Sorry you are so disappointed.

              1. I’m not disappointed at all. I’m ACTUALLY a family member. I ACTUALLY know what goes on. So honestly this is really just an annoyance now and I don’t want the email notifications anymore. I know what’s really going on just thought it was funny the imagination some people have and can’t stand people who gossip about innocent children especially when it’s a personal matter. All I’m reading is bs no facts or proof so you can keep running your mouth all you want. I’m over this 🙂 goodbye!

            3. So you’re a family member who has all the facts but any other family member would only find info online? How is that even possible? It sounds like you’re trying to white-wash everything involving this babies parents but I’m not sure how that benefits Kennedy. Shouldn’t she alone be the priority here? Lauri CHOSE to put herself and her children/family on camera and in the spotlight. It is ludicrous to think that you can invite the world into your life then condemn that same audience when your life choices make you look bad. The only reason she’s getting so much backlash right now is, again, her decision to attack the character of another (former) cast mate. Lauri wasn’t even on our radar until she chose to film season 8 of the show so she could gossip and spread rumors about Vicki. Lauri was destitute and it was Vicki who helped her get back on her feet yet Lauri decides to re-enter the rhooc scene by attacking Vicki’s character. Its relevant to mention that Lauri has her own skeletons in the closet and while her own grandchild is needing someone to step up and care for her, Lauri seems too concerned with Vicki and reality TV to do what’s right. You don’t have to like that people have an opinion about the goings on of your “family” but Lauri decided to allow all these people into her business, clearly she didn’t ask you your opinion on the matter. Maybe your anger should be directed at the person who keeps thrusting your family into the spotlight. Those on reality can’t have it both ways…they can’t expect money, fame and adoring fans yet complete silence from viewers any time they make a foolish choice.

            4. “intrude into there personal life” -what a joke!! these sad people on the Real Housewives series can’t WAIT to air their lives and drama on tv for a chance to get famous!!! They all live above their means and are so full of plastic surgery it’s laughable! Lauri has lied about her life and relationship – trying to make out everything is so great – when it wasn’t – let’s face it – she only married George for his money and lifestyle – she’s just an aging gold-digger!! – I’m sure he’ll be changing her in for a newer model any day now. But then he isn’t all he seems either is he?

            5. We, the pathetic no life people who watch reality TV would know exactly NOTHING ABOUT any of this if Lauri wouldn’t have signed up for RHOC and put her Son’s drug problems in front of the world. Watching housewives and commenting on something so distasteful as any of this whether what you say or the other five people who HAVE THE FACTS are actually facts is just a social experiment. Nothing more. I am not entwined in their lives and I think very few others are either. No matter which part of this sad story is true, everyone has a right to have and state their opinion.

        2. So why are her and Josh living with her grandmother without the baby? Why did the state of Arizona take the baby after she was born?

    2. If Josh and Hannah followed Arizona State’s guideline, the state they fled to prior to their childs birth in order to avoid getting arrested according to California State law where Josh has a prior record, knowing the child would be born addicted to heroin, and if they were able to get clean, and stay clean for the time frame ordered by the court, then more power to them.

      So, to all of us “idiots” out here, many of us hope the parents are “Sober and Clean as can be” because it’s a fact that the grandparents allowed their granddaughter to become a ward of Arizona State and placed into Foster Care for her first 8 months of life. The child may still be in Foster Care.

      1. What a loser! George and Laurie have plenty of money to take care of that child. They could pay somebody to take care of it. Talk about not wanting to get your hands dirty, shame on them. I can only pray their wealth disappears as quickly as their “love” for their grandchild did!

    3. Interesting that you know for a fact…. She lives with her grandmother and the baby is not there. So how exactly are they raising her?

    4. I am sorry. I know for a real fact this baby was in foster care from the time she was just a few weeks old. Trying to justify and create a falsified fairy tale of these two is just terrible. The baby I am sure was in capable hands. Where Lauri was in the beginning of all this, who knows. I just hope that now that she has this baby, she has the ability to keep that baby away from Josh and Hannah who obviously don’t have it together being that they are both now in a CA jail. Sharing DNA alone is not enough to make you a good parent. It’s sacrifice and love that you give to the child. Something these two were never able to give her starting from the pregnancy.

      1. Yes you are correct and I know it for a fact also because I personally know the foster parent. She was very loved and cared for by an amazing family. The intent of adopting her was also there had it come up. All that matters is she is happy, healthy and safe now.

  15. Yes, she was in foster care. I know it, and so does everyone involved. No traces of a squeaky clean image of this family here. I have proof but won’t stoop so low as to post it hear. Obviously there are people here living in their own alternate reality.

  16. I find it disgraceful that she did not take in her granddaughter! Just another one of her BAD parenting choices! She is the most selfish of all the housewives for sure!

  17. I am glad this page was re-posted so everyone could see the real Laurie. No matter how loud Viki screeches, she didn’t deserve the BS Laurie brought back to the show. The complete monotone way she speaks so she sounds honest is so irritating. She spread rumors in the most insidious way, a little fact and a huge implication that turns it into something it wasn’t. And all to get her melted plastic face back in OC. Children deserve unconditional love, and it seems everyone put many conditions on it. Including the people here that claim to be family lying for the parents for some reason when there are public state records! Shame on them, all of them.

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