Lauri Waring Peterson Cheated On George? Vicki Gunvalson Exposes Lauri’s Affair On Twitte

Lauri George Peterson

If you’ve seen the previews for Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, you are aware former Housewife Lauri Waring-Peterson is back, and she has dirt on one of the current ‘Wives. By now, viewers have figured out that Lauri alleges she caught Vicki Gunvalson in bed with another woman and man. After the premiere, Vicki took to Twitter to reveal some of Lauri’s skeletons!

“Hmmm, months after marriage,” Vicki tweeted along with the link of information below reporting Lauri cheated on George just months after they were married.


Zimbio reports, ‘In, July 2008, there were allegations that Waring had cheated on her husband. The next month after the allegations were made Waring confirmed that the allegations were true and was deeply sorry. Waring and her husband were living in separate houses and saw each other on weekends.’

Lauri took to Twitter to deny any reports of infidelity in her marriage. “The rumors about my hubby & I are 100% false! Neither of us have ever cheated on each other nor have we ever lived apart!” Lauri wrote.


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40 Replies to “Lauri Waring Peterson Cheated On George? Vicki Gunvalson Exposes Lauri’s Affair On Twitte”

  1. Always thought Lori was a gold diggen drag queen. She treated her son horribly and her lazy azz wanted her new husbands money – desperately. She is as fake as her plastic face and her parenting skills were sorely reflected in her spoiled brat daughter and troubled, lost son. I figure anyone who left this show, knows how sleezy it portrays women – is desperate – and so she returns.

    1. Wake up twit. You don’t judge people by how they look. Right? Laurie has tried to help her son every step of the way but you can’t make someone want to get clean. He’s young. He needs to figure it out. Hopefully he can.

        1. Yeah, I’m sure you anonymous people know exactly what’s going and that she’s a good mother, right? You guys know her outside of the television show so you’re definitely qualified to make comments on her parenting skills and aren’t just using what you got from watching her on a reality show, correct?

          1. I doubt anybody who posts here knows her personally. Aren’t we all going on our own observations? Why is everybody so PISSED OFF at other people’s opinions? We are here because it’s an open forum to share our opinions. Bottom line, its true that when somebody SLAMS a mother’s parenting skills they better know beyond a shadow that they have all the facts.

          2. Yes I do know her outside if the TV show , I lived in the Gates for years, kept my horses at the stables in the gates, Lori was so hung up on money even back then, She abandoned her horses because if back board owed, My friend was her trainer, She just could not bear to ride or take care if them boo hoo she felt judged, no longer having a sugar daddy to pay for them, she makes me sick, the Bitch has never worked , except the sudo show she put in with Vickey, dumb as a box of rocks,,I remember she tried dancing for a while,,at least that was what I heard , but that took to much structure for her,she is so lazy,,,she is a horrible mother, She was not there every step of the way, She acted like a total Knuckle head, And her son ran amuck while Lori was to busy with project land and a man,Her kids were latch key kids ,She made it very clear she comes first, NONE of her kids are going to keep her from dating who ever he wants, she is a whore,,,

      1. How has she tried to help him? By displaying his problems on TV? By taking his daughter when she was born addicted to drugs, taken away and put into foster care? By playing favorites with her daughter? I think YOU need to wake up twit!

    2. I always thought she handled her kid quite well … making him responsible and not giving into his manipulations or rescuing him constantly. I always thought she was the nicest housewife.

    3. I agree with everything you said. The way she treated her drug addicted sun was so heartbreaking. It seemed she only cared for her lifestyle and for marrying rich again

  2. serve it vicky because miss lauri just wants to start troubler, and im dissapointed in ehr because i thought she was better than that

  3. Ha, good for Vicki. Laurie, and anyone else should watch what bombs they drop on other people, because one day there could be a “very public, and embarrassing” bomb dropped on them.

  4. Lauri is a nasty person, she turned her back on Joshafter she used him for her 15 minits of fame. Josh got married and moved to Arizona but he’s homeless and when his wife had the kid Child Services took the baby girl away from them. lauri didn’t even care she let her baby grand dauter be put in foster care. With all her money and free time you would think she would take care of her own grand kid. She did nothing, she is such a nasty skank of a human being. she talks of her Brady Bunch family but she has never cared about her step kids or Josh. Now she has a gran kid in foster care while she goes shopping and is trying to get back on the house wife’s show. momma Brady would never do anything like that. Take care of your gran kid Lauri and don’t let her spend her life in the foster care system, shame on you.

    1. Hotsalsa: Gee, you sure seem to hate Lauri! Blaming Lauri for Josh’s poor choices is ridiculous! He and he alone decided to become a heroin addict and to do all the other bad things he did. Then he has a child with another addict because he is soooooo responsible and you expect Lauri at fifty-something to devote the next 22 yrs. of her life taking care of a child that will likely have severe, lifetime problems thanks to Josh and his skank baby momma. I am no big Lauri fan but had to respond to your vicious message because you illustrate everything that is wrong in society – and that is making the wrongdoer the victim. He made those choices and he alone is responsible. I feel very sad for the addicted baby, but that does not mean the mother of the idiot baby daddy has to alter her entire life because he made and continues to make really, really bad choices.

      1. If I was rich, I would never ever ever let a grandchild be in foster care if the baby’s patents were messed up. No grandmother would.

      2. Her lack of parenting and attention to possible a developmental disability contributed greatly to Joshes problems, she just did not give a crap,I saw him running a muck all over OC, She was never a devoted mother, a mother should take care of her children especially if they have mental emotional disorder or a type of disability .I would never ever expect Lori to ever care for her grandchildren that’s laughable,,She can still screw around with other men and as the time to cheat on her husband at age 51..but no time to help her son with his life,,If josh were my son I would have put 150 % into my responsibility parenting him, My son is almost 30 he has Autism , I must care for him for the rest of his life,, but would not change a hair on his head,,Lori is by far to selfish to ever understand true devotion and unconditional commitment to anyone ,,Not even her own flesh and blood or her husband,,

      3. I wholly agree with you. In a way I’m kinda in a spot as well. I never wanted kids, I don’t like them yet I was expected to not only take care of my sister in law, who is lazy, you can’t find a piece of paper or pen/pencil in the dirty house, but her & her two kids & 1 great grand niece expect me to take care of their every need, and I live 900 miles away. So, don’t judge others you idiots out there we really have no idea what’s behind the gates. Instead of blaming Laurie why don’t you put some blame on their FATHER !!! Just where was he during all the troubles huh ????

        I wish the best for them all.

    2. This sounds like the mad ex wife talken! hum..didnt i here something about the ex wife letting josh stay at her house because lauri kicked him out for not following her rules(that was too crazy)..

  5. Yup! I shame on you ! I can’t believe that Laurie an George would let that happen after all the money that both of them talk about an they let that little baby girl go in Foster care just like that an not looking back,”WoW! Thats just really Scummy for sure Laurie an George don’t care about no one but theirselves and on top of it George’s Ex-wife had said the samething about them as well so now I know for a fact it’s very True about everything that has happen, So shameful and selfish on their part.

  6. LOL@ yous all thinking they knows these housewives, YOU ALL know only what Bravo and magazines & blogs who lie let you know.

    If Josh lost his daughter to Foster care, whose fault is it really? Right. It’s. Josh’s. Fault. Come on peeps, This kid shouldn’t be having kids anyway and NO ONE should have to be responsible for his own doings. It’s called growing up and being R E S P O N S I B L E and standing on your own two feet., LOL@everybody, silly gooses

  7. Lauri is disgrace, no clss nd no education. Josh was on drugs because Lauri spent her nights trolling for her next sugar daddy. Stupid George married a whore. She is known for being skank.

  8. She’s needs to shut her mouth,and think about what people know about her…and she doesnt want that to get out..What a loser..

  9. She is ugly and does not belong on television. She is scum of the lowest kind. Viki may be icky, but at least viki has some class–this wannabe has zero. she also stole her husband’s daughter from her mother and has a history of locking teenagers away in places that have KILLED children–(really? A place like that is better than with her mom?)……george is no better. he doesn’t want to pay child support so he locks his children up in some shithole prison reform school-SCUM ALL! and they smell bad too

  10. I wonder this wonderful fairy tale life that Lauri ran to so she could be in the money again.If she would think a few short years ago Vicki helped and supported her when her life was in the crapper,her kids were acting out except for Sophie her favorite child we have all seen her shower her with a horse and a cell phone at age nine.Lauri is not a person with class,I wonder does she need the paycheck for being on the show again?

  11. “Josh was on drugs because Lauri spent her nights trolling for her next sugar daddy.” Josh was on drugs because he chose to be. My son became addicted even though I stayed home every night and took care of him. There was nothing I could do and still isn’t. Until he decides to change, no one can help him.

  12. Yes, it is Josh’s fault that CPS took the child away, and yes drug addicts should not be having babies, but guess what? They did and now a poor little baby is left in foster care when this Lauri can take her and hire a nanny if she has so much money. I can understand being harsh on your son, but abandoning your own grandchild is the lowest of lowest scum. Shame on her.

  13. The idea that someone, especially a teenager chooses to become a drug addict is an unfortunate misconception. Teenagers are naive and impulsive in a very dangerous world. They are often operating without the tools to make good life decisions. I hope they ca get their lives together and find clarity and peace before it’s too late. If any young people are reading safe yourself a lot of heartaches and headaches and just pass on heroin. It’s in a whole ‘nother league than even coke and look around at the people’s lives who are doing it and don’t believe you’re too smart for that to happen to you. It’s not where it’s at..

  14. I just have to weigh in on this don’t know why. Josh made bad choices and for whatever the reason is its a bad situation. The little baby is a victim. She did not ask to be born into this craziness and just wants someone to love her. I agree Laurie you are the grandmother no matter what Josh did the baby deserves a chance at a life even if it is with you. Its been proven that her life of leisure and her money are all she cares about. I don’t know any grandmother that would not step up and take care of this little princess. Laurie you should be ashamed of yourself.

  15. Lauri is revolting. She’s making Vicki look better, and that’s some feat!

    She’s fixated on what some young friend of her daughter’s is doing? Get a life, you creepy old woman. Maybe she’ll cheat on her husband again with Brooks this time and they can have contests about which one of them is more creepy and desperate for fame.

    It’s going to be fun to watch everyone start to hate her; she brings nothing to the group except thirsty neediness. She’s never witty, or interesting, just dire and pathetic.

  16. Everyone in Ladera Ranch knew that Lauri has alwys put $$ as a premium. lauri was raised in a trailor park, has no class and no education. She has never taken care of her kids, they were tossed aside while she went out to the bars in Newport looking for her next husband. Josh, Ashley & Sophie are all losers, no education fluking out of school. Lauri should be ashamed of them and herself but she still has her ugly face on TV. George is also a loser, his kids are all flunkies too! Great going skanks.

    1. That’s the nastiest, harshest comment I have ever seen, speaking of ugly! Good Lord. And, I don’t even LIKE Lauri. And speaking of “fluking” out of school, I have to wonder how well you must have done. Where’s all your hate coming from Sandy?

  17. where did this info come from? I recently saw josh Waring and a tallblonde girl (his wife?) with there ADORABLE baby at a phoenix mall. the little girl is an absolute angel and josh looked very happy with his new family. he has definitely gained weight (quitting drugs?) but he looked good and content.

  18. Maybe Lori isn’t being a grandma because the baby isn’t Josh’s. The mother is a drug addict – who knows who she slept with? Was a DNA test done?

  19. She likes money that’s obvious and yes at first put herself first and her son came second but then she took a step back when he got himself into trouble which was a cry for help he needs attention and all the money in the world can’t help if he doesn’t have that it’s sad . .money doesn’t always bring happiness they are always bitching about each other these women its pathetic really thry need to grow up as it looks common it’s not classy at all.

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