Lauri Peterson’s Son, Josh Waring, Charged With Grand Theft Auto


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Lauri Peterson is making the news and this time it’s not about exposing Vicki Gunvalson’s past. Lauri’s son, Josh Waring, has been charged with a felony of grand theft auto. TMZ reports, “Josh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring, is no stranger to crime. He’s been busted at least 5 times. As for the most recent … we found out he was popped on Oct. 10 for allegedly stealing a 2005 Cadillac. He was charged today. He’s also charged with possession of an opium pipe and needles.  And he’s charged with attempting to destroy evidence, the needles. Josh’s wife was also arrested for possession of a billy club, it’s illegal in California.”


Lauri’s granddaughter is allegedly in foster care. We reported in July, “A few hours after Lauri’s granddaughter was born she suffered from heroin withdrawals. Lauri chose not to take custody of her grandchild, so the baby was given to the state. Josh and his wife are not able to apply for custody of their daughter until they both complete a rehab program.”

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11 Replies to “Lauri Peterson’s Son, Josh Waring, Charged With Grand Theft Auto”

  1. This is so sad. This woman is more interested in herself and her body then her little grand daughter. She went on RHOC last season to vilify Vicki Gunvalson. Say what you want about Vicki, but I feel she would cut off her right arm before she let baby Troy be taken from the family.

    Lauri makes me sick. On the reunion she kept saying Josh was great. Ho can she go on TV with all this going on in her family?

  2. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house!!! Shame on Lauri for not taking custody and giving her granddaughter to the state!!!!

  3. SHE’S NOT TAKING CUSTODY OF HER GRANDCHILD……. what kind of woman would allow that…. Goes to show she’s more into herself than her family. Once you have a child….. you are morally obligated to take care of that child and any offspring…. no grandbaby of mine would ever be in foster care….. her credibility stinks………

  4. The first thought I have when I hear a grandmother has taken custody of their messed up kid’s child is that she raised the messed up kid. I would wish that child be adopted to parents that are responsible, but anymore that doesn’t happen. These kids can clean up for a month, take a parenting class that’s a joke, and be given the child back to destroy over time.

  5. That is beyond sad of Laurie not taking her own granddaughter. Tells me a lot about Laurie as a human being and mother…..

  6. This is what happens when your love life is more important than your children. Lauri you should be ashamed of yourself. When your kids needed you, you were out galavanting around with George flying all over the place. Your responsibility is to your kids you had them your supposed to raise them. We all understand where your priorities are. Your granddaughter is in the custody of the state how inhumane can you be.
    Instead of trying to find gossip about others maybe you should be tending to your own issues. You are a selfish, egotistical sad excuse for a woman.

  7. When Vicki stated that “Lauri’s earning her pay on her back…”
    Well I guess she wasn’t making enough to buy her son a car. Lets just say karma is finally catching up to Lauri for trashing Vicki !!

    I THOUGHT LORI WOULD STAND UP & TAKECARE of her grandchild. LORI speaks of family like its her #1 priority . But as u can c she abandon her own flesh&blood. She more concerned about putting piles of makeup on & lots of hair extensions in. There r lots of baby’s born w/drugs in their system who grow up to live a normal life.
    U should be ashamed of urself lori!!!

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