Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Waring Charged With Felony Possession Of Controlled Substance


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson’s son Josh Waring has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance while behind bars.

Waring, who is currently in jail awaiting trial for his attempted murder case, was charged on November 3rd, 2016. If convicted for the felony charge, he could be sentenced to more years in prison.

Josh has been in jail since June 20 when he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in a shooting in Costa Mesa. He has been accused of shooting Daniel Lopez, 35, in the lower torso. Reports claim Waring was involved in a confrontation earlier that day with one of the residents. He allegedly returned later and shot Lopez, who was hospitalized for the injuries. Waring reportedly fled and stole a BMW SUV before police arrived to the scene of the crime.

Waring was found when a helicopter spotted the stolen vehicle. He was involved in a car chase with police when he refused to pull over. After a short standoff with police, he surrendered. Although the gun was not found in the car, police found evidence in the stolen vehicle connecting him to the shooting.

He was booked in Orange County Jail on three counts of suspicion of attempted murder, assault and battery, felony evading police, vehicle theft, and hit-and-run.

The criminal complaint revealed Waring will face a harsher sentencing for personal use of a firearm and inflicting great bodily injury, RadarOnline is reporting.

Josh’s bail was set at $1 million dollars. In July, Waring pled not guilty to the three counts of attempted murder.

In October, Lopez filed a civil lawsuit against Waring. He claims Waring came to the sober living facility on June 19th, 2016 to drop off a cell phone that belonged to one of the people living in the home.

Waring returned around 2:30 am and began making noise outside the home by honking his horn. When members of the facility told him to leave, he sped off, made a U-turn and drove back shooting and striking Lopez.

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8 Replies to “Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Waring Charged With Felony Possession Of Controlled Substance”

  1. This time he goes away for a long long time. Mommy can buy his way out of this one. I think Laurie is a Horrible mother. the way she treated Josh (who had already shown signs of having drug dependency ) and her daughter. The two kids lived in the condo when asshole Laurie moved out with her boyfriend instead of just staying put and parenting her kids. She has a whole new life and Josh rebelled and I don’t blame him. His mother abandoned him and moved on with a guy and his kids and her little ones. So sad.

  2. I coouldnt agree more with the above comment! Laurie is a horrible mother and very self absorbed! I feel one of her ex loser boyfriends molested her kids!

  3. He’s an addict. And once an addict, always an addict. Being an addict is no ones fault but their own. It most likely does have to do with her lack of parenting and caring more about herself then her kids when he was younger. However, his actions now has nothing to do with his mother or anyone else for that matter.

  4. It’s not always the parents fault. He was into drugs… addicted… children of good/bad parents get addicted — bad things happen to addicted individuals. I don’t like to pass the buck and blame others… it’s the individual here.

    1. Hey everyone all I’m hearing here is that Josh is an addict and he drinks and he does drugs etc etc. People don’t wake up in the morning and decide that they want to be an addict. The drinking and the drugs and the bad behavior are ONLY the symptoms of the disease, This did not just start when he was 20 something. Something in his life happened that was so damaging that he started using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Ultimately yes Josh is the one who is responsible for his own actions, absolutely….. but he needs to go back to where are this behavior began. Laurie is not going to admit she had anything to do with it because she is a narcissist. People read up on addiction please…. the comments being made are just people who throw out their opinions when none of them have any background with the disease.
      Im a drug and alcohol counselor and I do not claim to know it all but you guys just sound a little ignorant. Is Laurie responsible for Josh’s bad behavior? Maybe, possibly yes…… Im sure there are others to blame too. But NO ONE is going to be able to get to the root of the issue unless there is family and individual counseling. Josh has been crying out for help for many many years to get help it’s just the people around him just kept throwing it back in his face. Again Josh is responsible but what happened to cause this addiction is unknown and will never be known until someone becomes a hero and steps up to save this family from destruction. It is so sad………

  5. For every addict and/or alcoholic, there is a different reason and story. Some believe a propensity for addiction is necessary to become addicted, some don’t. Some addicts come from great families with married parents who keep in touch with their children as much as possible, and others come from homes stricken with poverty and violence. Addiction and alcoholism are diseases like any other, that can strike any family, at any age, any financial or educational group. Like diabetes, cancer, blindness, polio, MS & autism, just to name a few. The less guilt used to pinpoint the reason, maybe the more chance we have to find the answer, like any illness. It’s time to quit blaming the parents and the person who is ill.

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