Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Faces 7 Charges in Attempted Murder Case


Josh Waring, son of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson, was scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday for an attempted murder charge, but the hearing was rescheduled and now Waring is facing multiple charges!

Waring appeared in the Costa Mesa Jail courtroom at 10 a.m. Thursday morning but did not plea, an Orange County Superior Court public information officer told RadarOnline. The court will not reveal why the court date was moved to July 15th, it has officially announced Waring’s charges: three counts of attempted murder, three counts personal use of a firearm and one count of inflicting great bodily injury.

Sunday Funday with the kids @sophiexnoelle and Josh.

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Initially the hearing was supposed to take place Wednesday, but the court postponed the arraignment after Waring refused to leave his cell.

As we reported, Waring was arrested on Monday after allegedly shooting a man in front of his Costa Mesa, California home. Police told the Los Angeles Times that Waring shot Daniel Lopez in the upper torso at around 2:30 a.m. Lopez is currently in the hospital and is expected to recover.

“Apparently there had been a previous confrontation between [Waring] and the occupants of that residence earlier, and he had returned,” Costa Mesa police Lt. Paul Beckman said.

Neighbors were stunned by the incident.

“At about 1:30 a.m. my husband was still awake and heard people out in the street screaming and cussing,” a woman who lives across the street from the sober living facility The Way Home said of the dangerous altercation. “He came back in and just said he wasn’t going to deal with this.”

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28 Replies to “Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Faces 7 Charges in Attempted Murder Case”

      1. She may have made her mistakes in parenting as we all have but her son is an addict. There is Nothing a parent can do to help their child if they are addicted to anything unless they want go get better themselves. You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the best rehabs but unless they want to get better they won’t. These suitation safe NOT to be blamed on the parent. I’m happy for some that do not ever have to deal with these suitations with their children. But guess what people … There are many others out there that do. And it is a personal thing and his mother has NOTHINGING to do with what her adult chlld does so get off her back. It’s hard enough on her knowing his actions so just back off and let her deal with it emotionally as any mother would.

        1. I couldn’t agree more Amy. A parent child relationship is a very complicated thing. At some point the child has to assume responsibility for their actions. I can’t even imagine the the pain Laurie must be in. The strain on her marriage most be enormous. 🙁

        2. Im sorry Amy I don’t agree at all. There are many outlets available for a parent to help their child when there is an addiction problem and Laurie is a selfish ignorant, b%&ch. When Josh was going through his early stages of his drug use Laurie met George and she was more interested in getting married than she was helping her son. Laurie brushed it off saying well there is really not a lot I can do” what a bunch of crap. She just wanted to make sure that she got the money and the rich guy. I blame Laurie for much of this problem and she should be ashamed of herself.
          Sticking by your child when they are having psychological issues along with drug and alcohol use is a must. She should have told George that she can’t marry him until she could raise her children and help her son. Once all that is dealt with then you go off and get married. Laurie needs some help herself… she has washed her hands of her son and what he is doing is crying out for help. Shame on you Laurie shame on you.

          1. We have limited insight into this woman’s life, but there are a few things that are obvious: she does not respect her children’s privacy. She puts her own interests ahead of her kids which is evident in her efforts to stay in the public eye even though it has nothing to do with having an income to support her family or anything that might be reasonable. She wants to be famous for fame’s sake. Reality tv does not help familial problems, but they do provide cautionary tales for the rest of us.

            She had opportunities to help her son and do the right thing. She did not makes the choice to do so.

    1. @ Rich old goat. I’m sure Lori taught her son, the difference between right & wrong.
      It’s too easy to blame a parent, but Lori didn’t tell Josh to shoot that guy. Sounds like a drug deal that went South.

      1. Southern Plaid, How’s it going with you? All good I hope. The.more I ponder this I think your right. A drug deal gone bad. I have no feelings towards Laurie one way or the other but Josh is an adult responsible for his own actions. I don’t think it’s right to blame his mom for what he does

    2. She may look like a tranny, but that’s not fair. No mother wants this — and I don’t remember anything other than her always ‘trying’ to straighten him out. I blame divorce. Although my kids didn’t get this bad, my ex’s actions brought out the worst. They were brought up in a loving home, devoted parents (then), pets, doting grandparents (you get it) . . . I was a stay-at-home mom. When my ex left and abandoned us, things changed.

  1. You know, the more I read about this and the more I think back on her and her seasons on the show, the more I think she was barely hanging on emotionally and mentally herself. I’m not sure how much she had leftover to give to her kids until George suddenly appeared to save the (her) day. Josh is responsible for what Josh did/does/has done, not Laurie. But Laurie has to look back on her life and Josh’s father and wonder…. It’s a mess but Josh needs to do hard-core time. Not sentenced to a year and be let out (due to California’s charming rule of letting out prisoners extremely early) in a few months and sitting in jail the entire time and NOT hard-core prison.

    1. I agree with what you said about Laurie; I think she was a mess before she met/married George and that totally affected her kids. I’m not sure how the daughter turned out but she was a wreck too.

    2. I kind of remember a less than honest, conniving sh*t stirrer with goldiggerish tendencie keen i hope she has support someone, anyone to pay her way. That said, I have compassion for how she must be feeling right now about Josh but maybe she is numb to it all after years of his BS. It wears you down when the destruction never stops. You lose respect but the love often remains wrapped in a lot of pain.

      1. My keyboard is crazy. Meant “she is keen for someone to pay her way & I hope she has supportive people around her.

    3. I agree with you that he needs some serious longer term consequences to truly be rehabilitated. I have not experienced it myself but I’ve heard prisoners on tv state that prison is in no way a place to get clean because you can typically get your hands on just as much junk as you can on the outside. This might sound horrible, but at least he wouldn’t be out in society harming himself or anyone else. I honestly don’t know what will save a kid who has gone down this path and can’t seem to turn it around.

  2. Josh is responsible – thug. I can’t blame Lauri for any of this. I was a single Mom, worked two jobs, spent quality time with the kids…. and know many single Moms.. I hate this ”singe mom syndrome” people are so quick to blame stuff on. Not so. Josh is a grown up man who is a drug addict and a thug and deserves to be in jail for a very long time. He is dangerous. After all Jeffrey Dahmer’s parent weren’t divorced.

    1. Cin – preach it!!! I was a single mom too, put myself through RN school and later paramedic. I worked and parented my tail off. I did it ALL with zero help. I am not whining oh poor me, I’m very proud and my boys are now responsible adults. The family which I envied – you know ‘the stay at home mom who did it all and had it all’ (or so I thought) kids are a mess with drugs, etc.
      It’s time to stop blaming everyone else and start with the person who broke the law!!!

      1. my thoughts when people say this…. ”well you’re married and your kids are a mess – duh” My girls grew up to be responsible adults/mothers and very happy. Agree… the responsibility lies with the offender…

    2. Agreed Cin! My sister was a single mom, raising a daughter ALONE. no financial help from anyone. She worked her ass off and now her daughter is married, a mom herself, and works for the Joint Commission evaluating hospitals. Josh has only Josh to blame.

      1. My nephew is this same kind of mess and my sister is married, educated, and she and her husband provided him a stable home. My nephew is just a JERK. They’ve loved him through all of it and supported him when it was right but then also drew the line so he took responsibility and through it all, my nephew is just a JERK. He’s angry and self-centered and thoughtless and stupid. His brother? Is a nice, regular, happy kid. I don’t know what the difference is, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame Laurie (even though I think she’s a miserable waste of botox.)

  3. I keep reading in different places what a bad mother kauri is, can’t agree because she was there for him and he is an adult now and responsible for his own behavior. What I would like to know is where is his father in all this? Was he there for josh like lauri was? Josh has two parents not just one and a young man needs s father too

    1. She was not there for him….. she moved out of the condo and moved in with her rich guy and did not give a crap about her kids. Everyone needs to open their eyes….. she is a selfish…. B*&tch

      1. That is not true. She was totally there for him as a kid, as she was for her other children. So she made a good life for herself-does that automatically mean she was a bad mom? No. She always seemed to be trying to raise her kids to stand on their own two feet. And he is 27. Time to grow up and finally take responsibility for his own life. This man had so much more on offer than the average person and he squandered it.

  4. Dude needs a long prison term. He has serious issues and therapy will no work. Laurie needs to stop helping him get out of trouble.

  5. I feel sorry for this family, because they are obviously in over their heads. It’s like the old saying, “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. It seems Lori has tried many things to get help for Josh, but it doesn’t appear he wants help. Maybe prison is the best place for him right now. At least (hopefully) he can’t get drugs in prison. And, I’m sure the first time he goes after someone in prison they will take him down a few pegs. With his attitude, he’ll be lucky to make it out alive.

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