Lauri Peterson, “Vicki Was Very Open With Me About Her Relationships With Other Men!”


Lauri Peterson brought the drama when she returned to film season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County! Peterson shared gossip that Vicki Gunvalson had indiscretions while she was married to Donn and even shared that Vicki’s boyfriend at the time, Brooks Ayers, was hooking up with a young porn star!

“My relationship is good with most of the women. I haven’t had any major issues with the exception of Vicki,” she told Us Weekly. Lauri was still candid in saying that the ladies that make up the cast of RHOC aren’t exactly her BFFs. “I don’t know if I would qualify any of my relationships with any of the women [as] genuine friends,” she admitted. “I think we enjoy each other at times. I enjoy all of the women individually. I think that when you bring them into a group, that’s difficult. There’s bound to be conflict and drama.”

“[Vicki] was very open with me about relationships that she was having with other men. I didn’t interject myself [at the time],” Lauri says of her claims that Vicki was unfaithful to Donn. And once Gretchen revealed that Vicki was claiming she cheated on her late fiancé, Jeff Betizel, Lauri says, “I couldn’t stand for that. That was my boundary. To have somebody be doing something and then criticizing another person for the very same thing, I didn’t understand that.”

Lauri also says that her son Josh is doing well. She says he has been married for two years and is building his family with the birth of his first child, despite reports that his daughter was awarded to the state.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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