Lauri Peterson Says Vicki Is Still Not Being Honest About Cheating Claims, Explains Why She Came Back To RHOC!


Lauri Peterson appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, after a dramatic episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki confronted Lauri about Lauri’s claims she caught Vicki in bed with another woman and man when she was married to Donn. “I’d heard the rumors that there was a conflict. Vicki had called her out on infidelity,” Lauri said of her convo at the stables with Gretchen Rossi. Lauri added that she felt like Vicki was not being fair to Gretchen when she was criticizing her alleged infidelity.

“I’m not criticizing Vicki for having indiscretions. When I know what I know and she knows what she’s done how do you call someone else out on the very same thing you’re doing?” Lauri asked. She went on to say that Vicki should have kept her mouth shut when it came to Gretchen’s personal business. “You leave it alone. I felt like I needed to back her up,” she insists.

Lauri still claims Vicki is not being truthful about her indiscretions.

Lauri also insisted that she did not return to RHOC to rat out Vicki Gunvalson or stir up drama. “Absolutely not,” Lauri replied to a viewer wanting to know if she returned to stir the pot. “I came on with the mission of getting a chance to see the girls again. I have more time on my hands and I really thought it’d be fun to socialize. I heard rumors that there was a conflict between Gretchen and Vicki, that Vicki had called her out on infidelity. It’s one thing to hear something, but when you’re being told first hand by the person it’s affecting, I draw the line.”

Lauri explains she was angry with Tamra for how she told Vicki the news. “I was more upset with myself for saying anything. to anybody,” Lauri admits. “I kind of wish I had listened to Gretchen’s situation and then gone to Vicki, but I was more upset with Tamra for the way she delivered the information, which was so far from what I said.”

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  1. Laurie did exactly what she was mad at Vicky for doing to Gretchen. Can’t women socialize w/o being on a reality show??

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