Lauri Peterson Reveals Vicki Gunvalson’s Secrets! Says She’s Never Been With Just One Person!


Original Real Housewife of Orange County Lauri Waring Peterson is returning to Season 8 and she has some juicy gossip on Vicki Gunvalson. Lauri used to work for Vicki in the early Seasons of RHOC, and the two were very good friends. In this preview for next week’s episode, Lauri sits down with Gretchen Rossi and catches up on life and the ladies.

Lauri tells Gretchen she and Vicki have “fallen apart” and aren’t friends anymore. Gretchen explains to Lauri her biggest problem with Vicki is what a hypocrite she is for calling Slade a deadbeat dad and then dating Brooks, for saying Gretchen cheated on Jeff, and then the allegations Vicki was unfaithful to Donn.

“The cheating issues,” Lauri shakes her head. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Vicki’s history of the last twelve years that I’ve known… I’ve never known her to be with just one person, I mean ever.”

“She’s just hopping from guy to guy to guy to guy,” Lauri continues. “I know a lot about Vicki, I know where the bones are buried. She better watch out.”

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16 Replies to “Lauri Peterson Reveals Vicki Gunvalson’s Secrets! Says She’s Never Been With Just One Person!”

  1. Lauri knows where the bones are buried? OMG, woman, talk about a pot and kettle!

    Lauri became a grandmother Dec 13, 2012 at the time Bravo was filming. Lauri tweeted the news right after the baby was born. Josh and his wife of two years gave birth to their first child but the baby soon went into heroin withdrawal within hours after it was born and was in thevICU unit for some time. Five months old now, and Lauri, Ashley, or anyone else has mentioned the baby or posted a picture. Josh and his wife spent 90 days in rehab and no guarantee they will get custody of their child.

    Lauri bad mouths Vicki but Vicki is devoted to her grandson when Lauri allowed her granddaughter to be taken into the care of the state. Lauri never considered to care for this child, instead she let it go to foster parents so she could try to get back on TV. OMGawd Lauri….talking your way out of this will be interesting to say the least!

    How many men did we see Lauri sleep with that we know of in less than two years, neglecting both Josh and Ashley?! OMG, this POS has ruined so many of her blended family lives.

    Then there is George who sent his youngest daughter, Bria away to prison, err, therapeutic boarding school for the second time in two years after Bria confided in her school principal and the police…again! CPS was called in and they releases Bria to the deep pocketed (cover my ass in Family Court and I’ll cover yours) George who had Bria on a plane the very next day to shut her up just in time for George, Lauri, and Ashley’s move to try to make it big on TV…..

    Give me a flipping break, Lauri! Where are the pictures of your granddaughter? Lauri posted a photo of Josh and Hannah just over 3 months after the child was born but there was no baby with them. Talk about the truth hitting the fan Peterson, et al!

    1. I knew about them sending the kids off to boarding school, the letters witten by George’s son, and his ex-wife’s interviews trying too get custody of the kids, but I didn’t know about Josh’s baby. That is awful. I hope this stuff gets brought up this season!

      1. I know for a fact that if Lori wanted to, she could have taken legal temporary custody of her baby granddaughter. My step brother and his wife were in a similar situation and my sister in laws mother took my niece until my step brother and wife could prove they were drug free. I would never let a family member let alone my grandchild go into the foster care system! Never! Lori has plenty of money to have faught that

      2. Bravo announced a two hour show that will air, live, June 24th, but check their guide. That said, and George, being the “silent” ring leader of the Peterson household, instructed Lauri, Ashley, and whomever else he can persuade to keep the “family” facade going – at the SICKENING expense of his minor daughter, and Lauri’s granddaughter who actually might be better off not being subjected to her grandmother and step-grandfather that have no conscience when it comes to the Brady Kid ongoing revolving door policy – After all, this is likely the trios final lame shot for notoriety.

        Lauri, George, and Ashley have a lot of combined hidden bones and many of us know exactly where they are buried!

    2. I was just reading this on another site I wonder why more sites aren’t reporting what happened to the baby? Like this one and several other “housewives” blogs. I feel bad for the baby, Lauri portrays this “blissful perfect” life when her flesh and blood is in a foster home somewhere. With all her/George’s money she couldn’t hire a nanny and take care of the baby? I just think her attacks on Vicki when she has her own “bodies buried” isn’t very wise and is actually quite sad.

  2. Laurie is pure trash but I love it! She is Tv gold. Didn’t she cheat on George soon after they were married?

  3. i dont even care what lauri says anymore because shes a shit stir. very disappointed in her i really liked her before but noww ehhhhhh

  4. Lauri’s appearance on the show seems very planned and rehearsed. After all, she and Gretchen weren’t BFFs before, so why are they even together talking trash about Vicki? Besides, Lauri is showing she isn’t capable of being a true friend to anyone. She is a sell out. – Get her off the show!

  5. WOW!!! I sometimes wonder if people are watching the same tv show I am!

    Vicki has not been a true friend to any one person on the show. She is very very very much a hypocrite!
    The only reason her and Tamera became such good friends was because Vicki thrived on Tamera being so mean to Gretchen. Now that Tamera and Gretchen are friends Vicki is showing even more of her true colors (GREEEN WITH ENY).

    There is no doubt in my mind after listening to comments that Vicki made she was cheating on Don with Brooks.
    I can pretty much bet money it isn’t the first time. All those times she said her love tank was empty, women like that are always in search of Mr. replacement.

    Vicki lies all the time, when she gets called out on it she just becomes furious and makes an ass out of herself. Gretchen has never done anything to Vicki but Vicki is horrible and mean to Gretchen and always has been.

  6. All of the laidies are self-centered fame seakers. I believe we see the cast personalities quite well. Yes we only see small clips but get a great idea. I cant stand thet Lori is back on the show. She is only on the show to trash Vicki with her so called dirt. Vicki is not iniocent, she has stuck her foot in her mouth many times. But I still like her, she atleast admits her faults. Vicki may be blind to what Brooks is, but I can remember a time when I was blinded by the need to be wanted and loved. Tamera is just a nasty spirited person who is out to destroy. Tamere, like Teresa Giudice moves from one person to another and devoured them and crushes their spirits. Can’t stand Gretchen this season at all. What a follower she is. Feel bad for Tamera and Gretchens victim “Alexis!” Be strong Alexis. Tamera can blame her visions behavior on her upbringing, I don’t fully buy that her childhood causes her to be down right mean and rude to others. My childhood was very very similar to what her story is and I’m nothing like that.

  7. I remember when Vicki and Lauri went on a business trip, and Vicki put Lauri in a
    cheaper hotel….plus the airline lost Lauri’s baggage.Vicki doesn’t understand what a
    friendship is. Even the Crook told Vicki that she wasn’t nice.

    The only person that Vicki got along with was Gina.

    1. I remember that trip. laurie was so poor and Vicki made her pay for her own trip and hotel. when most business’ have you go on a business trip they pay for your trip and hotel room. Vicki checked herself into an expensive hotel while laurie was in a motel 6 type hotel.

  8. Where did y’all get ur info about lauris grand daughter ? That us so so sad I could never let that happen. She just claimed tonight on watch what happens live that her grand daughter was doing so awesome and she called nana not grand ma so that seem like every thing was normal? Where did y’all find out about Josh’s baby and wife, if like to read it to!!

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