Lauri Peterson On Why She Brought Up Donn Gunvalson’s Wedding Ring!


Lauri Peterson is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she made a comment about Donn Gunvalson’s ring on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lauri is returning after being a Housewife for several years, and it seems she is going to reveal information about Vicki! And the drama has started with comments about Donn’s wedding ring.

Lauri writes, “Tamra seemed concerned with the cost of the bands that Brian was showing her, as I am sure she was feeling the financial burden of investing in her gym. I was merely being facetious when I mentioned that perhaps she could buy Donn Gunvalson’s ring. I know that when Vicki and Don renewed their wedding vows, he had received a spectacular new ring. They divorced not long after, so I thought, why let it go to waste? This leads to the question, what does one do with their wedding ring after divorce? I passed on my ring from my first marriage to Ashley since she was our only child from that marriage. It contained a diamond in it from my great grandmother so I thought it would be a nice tradition to keep that in the family and pass along. As for my ring from my second marriage, I have to tell you a funny story. After filing for divorce, I was short on money. I took it to a pawnshop to get some quick cash only to learn that my 3-carat diamond was a cubic zirconia set in platinum! Needless to say, after leaving the pawnshop, I was still short on cash!”

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3 Replies to “Lauri Peterson On Why She Brought Up Donn Gunvalson’s Wedding Ring!”

  1. So, i remember RHOC from the very beginning. (TOTALLY MISS Jeana Keough), and remember the 1st cast which was definitely the best. Tamra is sucking Lauri-ass and acting like she was there from the beginning which she clearly wasn’t. What the real trip?

  2. I also remember RHOC from the beginning and the show now can’t hold a candle to the first few seasons. I just don’t care if I watch the show now or not. Sad

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