Lauri Peterson Inconsolable After Son Josh’s Arrest for Attempted Murder


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson is awaiting the fate of her son Josh Waring, who is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly shooting a man in the torso earlier this week, a close friend of Peterson’s says, “Lauri is inconsolable!”

“She is absolutely mortified at what is going on right now,” the insider said.

“Lauri does not know what to say because what Josh did was so disturbing that there is really nothing she can say right now,” the source told RadarOnline. “Her friends are trying to console her and be there for her but she is just so ashamed of what is going on with Josh.”

“They used to be so close and he has just turned into a complete monster!” Lauri’s friend added.

Josh was scheduled to be arraigned today, but the hearing was postponed until Thursday because he refused to leave his cell.

“Pursuant to the information provided by the Orange County Jail, the defendant was not transported to court because he has refused to leave his cell,” a spokesperson said.

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16 Replies to “Lauri Peterson Inconsolable After Son Josh’s Arrest for Attempted Murder”

  1. I do feel bad for Lauri. Regardless – she’s his Mom and no matter what she loves him. —- Her son needs to be in prison…. that’s clear.

  2. I feel bad for Lori only because he is her son. That kid knows the difference between right and wrong. You don’t just shoot someone. And what’s with the crap about him not wanting to leave his cell? I personally know a lot of men and women of the OCSD and I’m going to find out the real story and let you know.

  3. didn’t this kid have a major drug problem way back,he probably can not leave physically sick Withdrawls
    Any Mom that has to deal with this has my prayers

  4. I feel so sad for Lauri. Can only imagine what a nightmare this is for her. This young man has caused his family much heartache. My prayers are with them.

      1. Hi missrox I also prayed for the victim as well as everyone else affected by this. I for one am happy you pray . One of my cat’s name is miss roxy so I love your name by the way

  5. She has nothing to be mortified about. She is his mother and he is an addict. Sadly, this is going on in epidemic proportions in this country right now. I am sure she is devastated and maybe that is a better word than mortified. I am sure she is torn between the love she has for her child and the pain she can identify with for the family of the man injured. This is horrible and I feel so sad that anyone has to go through this. It is becoming a monumental problem in this country and there is going to be more of this until something is done to address these issues. She has been dealing with this for a long time and it takes it’s toll. Maybe very little of Josh still exists and that has to be heartbreaking. Addiction is a horrible thing that is so misunderstood….but we better start trying because look at the consequences.

  6. Josh not only has issues with substance abuse he has psychological issues making the symptoms of the addition waaaay worse. He does need to be medicated but psychopharmacology is needed here.
    I do feel bad for the situation but not for Laurie. She is a horrible woman who chose her marriage to the rich guy over her children. When Josh and her oldest daughter were making bad decisions she was off picking out wedding stationary. It sickens me to think that this entire situation could have ended differently if she has just raised her children and got married after the last kid was 18. I remember the episode where Laurie is talking to her daughter about her not enrolling in college because she wanted to be a dancer and Josh not having any plans for school or a career/ She moved all of her stuff out of the townhouse and into george’s house and just left the kids by themselves. Her two younger one’s went with her. Take a minute to think how those kids felt when they watched their mother walk away. It is so sad.
    Lauries situation with her son is very sad but Laurie herself is a selfish b&%ch.

  7. Where is Josh’s father, wasn’t he in his life? Did he have 2 parents more concerned with their personal life than parenting?

    I didn’t realize inmates has choices about appearing in court or staying in their cell. What a poor excuse for a man. It sounds to me like he has always avoided taking responsibility.

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