Lauri Peterson Caught Vicki Gunvalson In Bed With Another Man AND Woman TWICE!


Original Real Housewife of Orange County, Lauri Peterson, has rocked season 8 of the show when she alleged she saw Vicki in bed with another man AND another woman. Now, Lauri is claiming she witnessed these indiscretions by Vicki on multiple occasions!

“I absolutely did see this,” she tells RumorFix’s Real Mr. Housewife. “There wasn’t just one occasion, there were two occasions. One occasion was in San Diego in which the same woman, Vicki, and I were sharing a room. I was on a roll away bed. The other two women were in individual beds. The man came in — who I know also, as he works in the insurance industry– all of these are married people. He came in and bounced back and forth between beds. I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep, because I didn’t want to know. I did see them in bed together.”

“I was going to spend the night in Vicki’s room,” she continues. “When I came in to the room I was expecting to be by myself, because I thought everybody was out having fun. When I walked into the room the same three people were in one bed together. Like I said they were under the covers. I don’t know what they were doing. I don’t want to know what they were doing. I did see it. That’s the thing that I will stand by. I won’t speak about anything unless I witnessed it first hand, like Vicki told me about her indiscretions or I actually saw something with my own eyes. Whether I saw a text message or I see something – those are the things that I will speak about. Nothing else. ”

Lauri adds, “I do not know if they were having sex, because the scene made me feel uncomfortable and it was awkward for me, because all of these people are married.”

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4 Replies to “Lauri Peterson Caught Vicki Gunvalson In Bed With Another Man AND Woman TWICE!”

  1. Freaky Vicki, if anyone believes Vicki is so nice and pure needs to see a doctor. You always know when Vicki is laying because she yells and screams like a real nut case, and she does this to through every ones attention off her…

    1. It is so funny that all these accusations come from fot cows who sit on their computer descs eating fatty foods and drinking them selfs to death following what Vicky and other business people do mind your bisuness get a job and let the girl be shes ok if anything shes more well put together than most of the cast on the OCHW so stop watching if you can’t handle her JS

  2. Lauri first it is one time, then two, then three, will it be up to six by next week. Now you are sounding ridiculous and desperate….do you need to hustle yourself back into the series for the pay check. Try and be more dignified, it is such old news and the world has moved on in the last seven years. You are sounding holier than though and being boring – please disappear back into your drag routine,,,fingers in ears, la, la, la…hey no one is listening… *yawns*…

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