Lauren Manzo’s Salon Catches Fire

Former RHONJ star Lauren Manzo’s hair salon in Westchester, New York caught on fire caused from an electrical fire, according to TMZ.

Lauren co-owns in with her friend, Lia Cagliostro. The salon was filled with heavy black smoke last weekend while customers were mid-styling. Lia tells the site the only warning they had was flickering lights. She thought it was just a blown fuse, but then everything went dark in the smoke cloud.”

Even with firefighters battling the flames for hours the salon didn’t quite make it with water damage causes a lot of damage as well.

We are glad no one was injured.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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mommy will just buy her a new one

Actually daddy will buy her a new one.

I am sure the Salon was insured so the two partners can rebuild or move on with a little seed money to get a new venture off the ground.