Lauren Manzo’s Cafface Beauty Bar To Open Second Location


Being a wife, TV personality on Manzo’d With Children, and managing a business can be a lot to handle for most but for Lauren Manzo Scalia things will be getting even busier! It was announced last week via social media that Lauren will be opening another location for Cafface Beauty Bar in Packanack Lake located in Wayne, New Jersey!

So for those of you who live on the east coast you’re getting double the pleasure! Whats even better? Its a family affair! The second location will be right next to her cousin Candice Laurita’s Dazzle Candy store-a boutique that has clothes for women and kids. The store is set to open in fall of this year.

Lauren shared the news with fans last week via Instagram and even got some support from her family. Take a look!

Lauren also got some support from her brother Albie- he captioned, “So unbelievably proud of this little one and everyone @caffacebeautybar announcing the opening of their second location. You all work so hard and I am so excited for what’s to come!!!”

Congrats to Lauren on her second business venture!

Photo Credits: Bravo and Instagram

  • Sally

    Not sure why i’m even commenting but i cannot stand this girl or family! Waste of space!

    • Ditto. Can’t stand her Mom especially and will never watch her show. Just came her to say that, like you! 🙂

      • Sally


  • Judge Judy

    Shouldn’t you have to have some beauty before you start selling it?

  • oldladywho

    Oh please! her and her mommy are opening another store. She has done nothing on her own. She is a snotty spoiled brat

    • Sally

      Love your comment! But her mother is a snotty brat as well!! Lol

  • gigi

    I don’t understand the allure of this family and why people like them. Can someone explain?

    • Sally

      I could explain why not but cant help with your question! I don’t understand it either!

    • Sally

      Its interesting last time there was a Manzo story opinion was split but so far no one has come out on their side! Strange! It was a Manzo thread that stopped me commenting for about a year as comments were so nasty because i said i didn’t like them so what has changed! I haven’t i have always felt the same!