Is Lauren Manzo Scalia Pregnant?


Lauren Manzo recently married her longtime boyfriend Vito Scalia, so are there any plans for the couple to have a baby? Well, her brother Chris Manzo is spilling the tea to Bravo’s the Daily Dish.

“I know Lauren is superstitious. So if there is something, if there was any kind of news, it hasn’t been broken to me yet,” Chris revealed.

“That’s usually the next step after marriage, but there hasn’t been anything that they’re at least telling me. I know that my sister is extremely superstitious, so if there’s any kind of superstition of when you can tell someone or anything like that, maybe it’s in that phase right now,” he added. “I know that as long as I’ve been alive Lauren’s wanted to be a young mother. So, that’s in the back of everyone’s mind as well.”

But one thing is for sure, Chris says he never wants to be a parent. “It has nothing to do with how I feel about kids — I love kids, I get along with them very well,” the 26-year-old said. “My desire to not want to be a parent is more geared towards really selfish motives: wanting to be able to travel and see things and meet people and take on extensions of families. I love hanging out with kids; I get along great with them. But the parent thing is just something that I never pictured myself doing.”

But he might change his mind if the right woman came around. “It’s not something I would rule out at all,” he said. “It comes down to who I end up with. If I end up with someone who wants kids, I would never rule it out. [What] I kind of kept trying to get across on the show and to my mother is that I’m not going to be the kind of person who says, ’30 is around the corner, I should settle down and have a kid.’”

But don’t expect Chris to meet a girl online or through a dating app. “I’m a traditional guy,” he explained. “If I meet someone it’s going to be in a bar or through a family friend or something like that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo