Lauren Manzo Scalia Dishes On Her New House


Lauren Manzo Scalia and Vito Scalia officially moved into their new home and Lauren is dishing about their new place.

“The new house is great. It’s going really great,” Lauren told the Daily Dish. “I’m surprised at how much of a neat freak I am, although it’s only been a couple weeks. We’re happy there and I find that I’m alone a lot ’cause [Vito] works so much, so I do still see my mom a lot. We’ll have dinner and things like that.”

And Lauren has enlisted Caroline to help decorate. “I’m not very good at decorating, so I’m kind of just like [to my mom], decorate [and] do whatever you want,” she said. “Sometimes she’ll be like, ‘Oh, do you like this?’ And I’ll be like, ‘No.’ Or she’ll show me something and be like, ‘Do you like this?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know; whatever you think.’ But if I absolutely hate it, I’ll be like, ‘Abosultely not. I hate that.”

Lauren is going for a fresh, clean vibe in her house with an emphasis on light colors like white, gold, and beige. “I don’t take it upon myself to be like, ‘You’re putting this in your house’,” Caroline said. “Everything is, ‘Do you like this?’ and it’s that conversation.”

Caroline is even surprised at how clean Lauren’s home is. “It’s funny to me because in my house she’d drink something, she’d eat something, and her weave [was] all over the place and now I go to her house and [it’s], ‘Ma, clean the counter.’ So that’s really funny for me to see that her personality changed like that [snap],” Caroline said. “I’m completely spotless in my house,” Lauren added.

Photo Credit: Bravo


13 Replies to “Lauren Manzo Scalia Dishes On Her New House”

  1. At least that’s one out of the house and I was reading this morning Lauren in preggers. So congrats to her. I still can’t stand the family but a new baby is always lovely.

  2. Is the preggers story true Suze??? I don’t have access to an iPhone or an updated computer, so I rely on all you lovely ladies & this website for all the news. I think Caroline looks absolutely scary in these photos. Is she dressing in all black now because Lauren & Vito are out of the house??? It is about time that these adult children start standing on their own 2 feet, but not sure that Caroline will allow it. She says one thing, but then does an absolutely totally different thing. I think we all miss our kids when they move out, but inwardly, we are all so very proud to see them venture out into the world and spread their wings to fly!!!

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