Lauren Manzo Hints Dina WILL Be Invited To Her Wedding


Caroline Manzo and her sister Dina have been feuding for several years now, but in a new interview Caroline’s daughter Lauren hints that she will be inviting ALL of her family to her wedding despite the highly publicized family feud.

“We’re going to invite everyone in the family,” Lauren told RadarOnline.

“We haven’t sent out invites or save the dates yet,” Lauren said. “But the engagement party was over 200 and I kept it small. I’d be shocked if we were able to keep it under 400 [for the wedding].”

“I really don’t want a big wedding but I really don’t have a choice,” she added. “I have 10 bridesmaids. I have so many cousins and I’m close to all of them and then I have friends that I’ve had since I was a baby. I have three to four friends in it.”

Lauren shares that she is excited to marry Vito, so they can finally start their life together.

“We don’t live together,” she said. “We’re not allowed to sleep in the same bed. We’re not allowed to go on vacation together. So I’m more excited for him to be my husband and my life than for the wedding.”

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10 Replies to “Lauren Manzo Hints Dina WILL Be Invited To Her Wedding”

  1. Lauren looks great! I think it is right for her to invite EVERYONE. If Dina wants to be the one to turn her back on Lauren and not show up (like she didn’t show up for her brothers wedding and has boycotted other family events) the let that be on Miss Zen “I’m so much nicer and about love and peace” than anyone on the planet.” Namaste my ass.

    1. Spot on, Karen….wouldn’t it be something if Bravo films invite mailed to Dina, either she is a no show, or DOES show to save face, and her facial expressions and body language show on the screen.

  2. I like the Manzos and I enjoy Lauren, but the old school Italian schtick gets on my nerves. As an Italian from New York, I understand where they’re coming from as parents most of the time, but here’s what I don’t understand; her sons can have their own apartment, call overweight women “blowjobs” (which Caroline didn’t necessarily defend at a reunion, but explained away with a giggle saying “I don’t fully agree, but that’s what they’ve always told me…”), date around and most likely shack up with whomever they please since they don’t live at home (i.e. the girl spilling out of the American Flag bikini while washing a Hummer in the “Manzo’d with Children” commercial who his mother jokes about as if this is most likely commonplace in her sons lives), but Lauren can’t sleep in the same bed, cohabitate or go on a private vacation with someone she’s been in a committed relationship with for years who she is engaged to. I’m not too thrilled with the double standard here considering Lauren is an adult and seems beyond more mature than her brothers will ever be in a million years. Things like this concerning the old school backwards mentality get under my skin and annoy me to no end.

  3. “We’re not allowed to sleep in the same bed. We’re not allowed to go on vacation together.
    How old are they, nine? I’m sure when they do, Caroline will be right there with them… geez.

  4. This stupid child is a mean fattie (who pressed the easy button) to lose weight, she is foul as well as the rest of her lame family-
    don caro=mean, vindictive, overbearing idiot
    al===serial cheater/ tax evader
    al jr.===still sucking at the teet
    crit a fur ==== too lame and sucking at the teet
    lauren === foul fattie – this apple did not fall far from the tree… 10lbs in a 5 lb sack as mommy would say………….
    manzoed for our misery—please miss andy–make it stop……..

    1. London, you are so nasty. What a terrible thing to say about any human being. “Fattie” is such a disgusting way to describe anyone. You must be totally perfect to be so judgemental. Shut up and go away!

  5. I said the same thing…. she is an adult and she is NOT ALLOWED? I understand the idea of waiting until your wedding night, it’s a bit archaic but it still happens (watch 19 kids and counting) She will be under her mothers wing her entire life. I truly believe that she is incapable of doing anything on her own without her mother butting in. Remember when she opened the space in the chateau…. she was there for one day and closed it up. She realized she actually had to work to make her way in this world. So who paid the rent for that space before she closed up? Mommy and daddy. She did not want to go to cosmetology school because her hands would hurt? Spoiled brat…… The wedding will be extreme because Bravo will be paying for a lot of it. Bet you they get a house? Vito works in his dad’s deli and Lauren has her makeup business. How much money do you think they make for real? They will be living in a grand home with mommy decorating it and paying the bill. This is part of what bugs me about the reality shows. It’s definitely not reality. This is not a story about boy meets girl, fall in love and work together to make a life for themselves. I wonder what Vito thinks about all this. Anyway we watch to see the grandeur of it all but no where on these shows is there any reality…..

  6. I think Lauren acts like a spoiled brat. When will she have a real job and stand on her own two feet? Now she is opening yet another salon? This makes at least two. I’m guessing mommy backs the salon? Her mouth on the show is so foul and she talks to her brother with harsh words. And then laughs??! She does not think that his brother’s girlfriend is right for him????? Who asked for her opinion? Nothing is funny about her at all. She took the easy way out to lose weight, instead of eating right and getting exercise. After all, what else does she do? Why doesn’t she go get a trainer to lose weight?

    And Caroline, your son is 28 years old!!! Did you forget? You constantly tell him he can not have a girl friend and that it is a distraction! You did the same thing with the previous girl he brought around. You look like a fool. You need to butt out!

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