Latest Vanderpump Rules Feud – What Led To Lala Kent Quitting The Show?


Vanderpump Rules returns to Bravo next month and we have details on the latest cast feuds for the upcoming season.

As we previously reported, the entire cast is returning, except for Lala Kent. She cut back filming midway through the season and eventually quit the show.

You probably remember that Kristen Doute was pinned against Kent in her fight for her ex-boyfriend James Kennedy last year, and a new report claims she waited no time attacking her before the new season.

Doute reportedly went after Kent during filming, and even confronted her about dating a married man in the trailer.

Kent took to Twitter and attacked the entire cast as payback. “There is nothing more terrifying and dangerous than people who are envious,” she wrote, along with the latest cast photo.

Katie Maloney followed up with a cryptic tweet.

Are you surprised by the drama? Will you be watching the new season?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I would like to see most of the cast gone….. bring in some fresh faces Bravo.

The cast is a bit too old for their behavior … they now look/act ridiculous.

So true! Ridiculous grown adults are acting like narcissistic teen-agers. Particularly the females. I’ve stopped DVR-ing the show. Always felt sort of ‘dirty’ after watching.

No, fresh faces mean fame hungry people like Lala & James Elephant Ears. They’re vile and disgusting. Lala was the first one last year to go after Katie, because she is jealous she’s in a stable relationship with Tom, when Lala is whoring around and getting paid for sex. Lala is just bitter no one like her on the show, and in the audience.

I agree, keep a few and get a few new ones. Loved the show but it’s getting a bit predictable and Boring. I’ll watch the first couple episodes to see